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No, not just "a laptop by google". Chromebooks run on Chrome OS,  a linux-based operating system. They cannot run windows apps unless you heavily modify them, and even then, they won't run very well.

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That requires turning on dev mode and installing a linux desktop alongside chrome OS, or in some chromebooks, enabling the VERY buggy, VERY laggy beta linux app feature. Why not just add keyboard support to the version that chromebook users can get directly from the easily accessible play store that comes with their device? 

Edit: Wait, I just realized there isn't even a linux version in the first place. Do you even know what a chromebook is?

I play on chrome, too. Go into the settings and change the controls from "joystick" to "touch". Then, you can use your mouse to move around and use objects in the map. I do think they should add keyboard support for the android version, though.

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The issue is that there's no way to filter voice chat, and there's no way to stop kids playing such an accessible game. 

Did they not say they were going to add new gameplay modes?

Will permanent usernames be able to have more characters in them than current ones? Even an increase by 2 or 3 characters would be nice.

Just so you know for later, they're spelled "phobia"/"phobic" (with a "ph", not an "f"), and "idea" (only one "i").

That whole thing about cyan seems to be a modern case of a playground rumor. Younger players who don't really understand code hear a rumor that cyan is more likely to be an imposter, and they spread that, and the other kids they spread it to spread it, on and on. Nothing short of an announcement from innersloth being put front and center somewhere in the app where players can't miss it will stop it.

That's spamming, man...

The horror tag...


... Horror?

I have a bit of a request: Could you guys look into optimizing among us 2 mobile for chrome OS? The first works fine on my chromebook with the "touch" control scheme, but I'd like to have more keyboard functionality.

That "slurp-smack" sound Bill makes as he talks really reminds me of my dad.

Pretty cool!

Ooh, neat.

Not sure why, but I can't move if I open the game in fullscreen. No matter how much I click, it won't do anything. If I leave it windowed, I can control it just fine.

Ooh, interesting. I'd like to see it fully produced!

I can't figure it out.

I've tried to play through this four or five times, and every time, I somehow can't find a bunch of the monsters. 

I'm not sure if I'm just inept or if the game is impossible on purpose.

You can get into unwinnable situations if the ball rolls into a corner. 

I had to look up a list of words to beat the arcade cabinet. Not sure if the word I needed was in the game somewhere, but if it is, I wasn't able to find it.

I need to come back and play again when I get a better computer.

The code that plays on the radio is too garbled for me to hear. 

I'm a weenie. I cannot handle stuff like this. 

I played this a while back while I had my headphones in my phone. I didn't realize that the sound on my computer was on. 

Damn, that was sad.

I'm honestly confused as to what I'm supposed to do here.

This won't run in the web browser on my chromebook. Is there a way for me to fix that?