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Pretty epic game...
Takes the feel of among us to a new dimension..

Well its quite epicc as a first game.. Great job..

Also a bit of suggestion ake the enemies move a bit slow it it very hard to jump on them to kill them..

Best of luck for more such awesome games...

Thanks I am glad you liked it...

Thank you soo much for the great feedback.

I am glad that you liked the game.

Ya i will add on some more visual elements to the game...

As i made it in just a day I was running shot of time to add maps but i have plans to add them too.

Thanks again for trying out my game and sending feedbacks.

It means a lot to me


File not opening

Good game..

Quite addictive good for a mobile game..

The file is not opening bro...

Great game ...

Liked the concept very much...



Man the Game is cool AF.....

Loved it....

The controls can be a bit snappy but overall the game feels great...

quite intelligent platformer.

Loved it ;);)

awesome game :):):):):):):):):):):) 

Keep making such cool games

Quite challenging but a fun experience....loved the concept and keep up the good work :):):)

the game and the gameplay were both fun and fantastic. Keep it up.

the difficulty curve and progression system also feels good.

overall fun and nice game to play.

Can be improved further by adding more guns,traps,background colors to the map and enemy types.

Best of luck ;-)

Awesome ...really very smart game...and level design..i just love it

keep going buddy

Good going

Great buddy

nyc one

Great game brother

keep it up

Was fun to play.

Good concept and smooth controls.

very satisfying experience