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Yes, I'd like to.  I've attempted in the past, but don't have a linux computer to regularly test on.  I don't think it would be hard.

Do you perhaps have a screenshot?

Thank you! I've played Mini Metro as well; I like it.

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What year was it? Also, did you try to connect all the houses (even across long distances)? Sometimes, it's a good idea to leave far-away houses alone for awhile.

EDIT: I've given it a lot of thought, and have done some more testing. I do think the load maintenance fees in 1.0.3 were too punishing. I decreased the load maintenance fees in a new version (1.0.4). My advice above still stands, though.

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That might work well; it's a possibility in the future as well.

I'm glad you like it, thanks! One-way roads is a little hard with the current car pathfinding, unfortunately. If I ever revamp that aspect, it's a possibility, though.

I think I could give it a go.

The fullscreen button is more of an itch.io thing, but I'll see if I can do anything about it.

Placing roads would work nicely with touchscreen, but I'd have to rethink all the the other controls (e.g. SPACE to pause, ctrl-clicking, etc.) to make everything else work on such a device. Maybe in the future, though.

I've implemented a change (v1.1.2) that should address this somewhat.

This is certainly something I would consider generalizing in the future.

Right, the pathfinding actually ignores stoplights. This is because it's built on squares either being "on" or "off," while a stoplight adds a directional aspect to it. If I generalize the pathfinding to allow for directed graphs (it would be a serious generalization), then it could allow for permanently blocked stoplights and even one-way streets.