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I can't disclose my intentions publicly at this time, so I'll send you a dm on twitter instead..

thanks. unfortunately I still don't get it. I enabled 1x2 tiles, left sprite2 empty and started drawing in the tile editor complying with 2 px height. so I'm expecting the sprite to be recognized as y-expanded as the checkbox is on. the result should show like in sprite 3.

I find that rather complicated so why not have an option to just toggle the displaysize, atleast in the sprite-editor window ?

hi again. one more question - is it possible to easily switch sprite expansion on/off ? there are some checkboxes for x and y, but they don't seem to do anything ? I was doing a sprite animation which switches to y-expansion for some frames and I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Hi, great tool, purchased it a few months ago. One thing I'm missing though - am I not able to set individual Color Matrix Colors on the map screen for non tiled charset ? didn't figure a way to do it. I think it either requires an additional tilemode of 1x1 and then using "per tile" coloring, or an additional coloring mode "per map-char".

the colorram-data gets exported correctly, so it's there, you just can't edit it properly yet.