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way easier its a free and open source construct clone that is amazing

look up rpgmaker tutorials online

i think he abandod the game sadly 😢

on pc the game says i need to update even though im on the latest version

this game deserves more love

can you do vr in the desktop version?

try reinstalling the game and if that doesnt work try playing it on a different device

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The description says "Its perfect for custom arcades!" so im wondering how to make one

here is my specs

wireless keyboard with trackpad

Raspberry Pi 3 model b

 8 gb or more sd card

Cardboard case

hdmi cable

1080p hdmi monitor

and i want to make it so you can only play eggnogg+

im just so excited for eggnogg rumble

working hard


how to do it on launcher?

love this game too bad nobody plays it

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i love this game but i cant play with people online

when i open the game the snow is glitchy and looks like the main charecter

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the linux version is an apk why?

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this is an amazing game but i have one problem when i use my phone as a controller for PC rhythm taichi and as the game starts loading the songs the game crashes on my phone

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Hey Anuke can you add a story and note blocks? Love your game btw.