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Wouldn't call it scary, but this game is so goddamn quirky! I love riding the bike, jumping out of the way from obstacles, and the enemies are very creative! Had a blast, this was a fun experience. Thank you for the effort of making this game!

Very enjoyable game! My main things that I enjoyed about it:

  • The colors fit the horror genre very well
  • Sound effects were well done
  • The backstory took a while to develop, but eventually started making sense and added to the game

Overall worth it, especially for the low price!

Had a blast playing! 

I really enjoyed how little this game gave away about how to win. I won't spoil anything, but with trial and error you can make it! The great mix between not taking the player by the hand and eventually being doable made this game a lot of fun.

Also impressive sound design, that was the cherry on top!