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Tobie Allen

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Very cute game!

I like the concept, but I wish you could look around without having to turn and that Pacman would face you while he's moving in your direction, and Pacman's radius to kill you is quite large

I like the voice acting and effects, looks pretty cool :)

I like the concept. However, it was very easy to get stuck on objects and the cats multiply very quickly, making it difficult to try to find the fenced area in time. 

This was pretty fun and easy to understand. Good job guys!

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There are some graphical issues, and it was a bit difficult to figure out how to interact with things, but it was still pretty fun and made me laugh! I also like the voice acting

There is the one at the beginning, 1 in the snow area, 2 in the village, 1 by the campsite, and 1 hidden behind a big rock somewhere between the campsite and the snow area. 

The purple ball was mostly for testing purposes, but I thought it was fun to throw it around the world lol

There are 6 cheeses to be found

You will need to first set your quest into developer mode and download SideQuest. After you open SideQuest, connect your quest to your computer with a USB and tell it to allow USB debugging. Then you should be able to use SideQuest to install the apk. 

This link will step you through the process. 

thank you <3

Oh wonderful, I'm glad you're having fun with it :))

Thank you very much for this <3