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the static man

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why do not the police car explode 

i'm on it , chief!

oh yeah the screaming is actually a bug hold on 

bamboozled by hentai ghosts oNCE AGAIN

Now this... THIS is humor. !

"damn i hate this game"

god i wish that were me...

lol I love how Frogmen ended tbh, but i think there is bug where X get away from mouse and i cant quit game? >? 

please leave!


it's a game about people getting hit by cars. of course you're missing something

my birds hate this. I love it. OOCH AAHHH!!!

Thanks so much for playing fricochet! That is high praise. 

A manual is a great idea and I think it would make a lot of sense considering hardware like what we have in the game really is this abstruse and often comes with deep and detailed manuals. As we continue to test and update the game, we will also be working to make the devices more intuitive as we go. 

Besides that, I will be creating more environments and hopefully reaching out to other creators and friends to help me make more content for the game. I think we are pretty set with the basic loop of exploration --> recording --> mixing.