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dude,can u add a match sistem like 3v3 like cs with 10 rounds or smth like this! I swer to god i love tis game. And a good map with sites and mid and take the hosteges or smth like that. this game is crayz! And case opening system,with no real money,like 10 matches win or oney in game. This game is verry grate. Thist day i play this game and have a tiny nice comunity. i IKE VERRY MUCH GUNGAME AND I WON TWO GAMES,I discover so mch trick to be better on this game. WWith love Thestafy(and the same name in the game :) )

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If you say what is broken,i repair in next update!in 2 days!

Created a new topic Ideas for new updates?

What did you prefear to implement in next updates?

For the moments i try to put my game on steam,just in update 3.0 i promis we have a lot of new systems and content!

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Ideas for game

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i try

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  • i made update weeakly
  • I try to make case oppening system and skins for guns
  • Show fps
  • and other in next update! Next update: 8 Marth!
  • Please put idea on this post or other!