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This game is wonderful! I've really enjoyed all three stories.  The stories and characters were all interesting so interesting! The music and sound effects were all fitting, and the VA's all did a fantastic job! The only issues I had were a couple of technical glitches, of which others have already informed you about (though they did not hinder my enjoyment of the game at all!)

Beyond Yesterday's Grasp: The number of endings and choices really made this one interesting! I was able to discover them all, though getting the True Ending was the most difficult. When I finally found it, I was very happy that Alex and Caelum were both getting a happy ending together.

Also, as someone who is trans myself (non-binary), I was happy to see how that part of his character was handled in the story, and ((minor)Spoiler) that in the true ending he finally made it into the proper housing (End Spoiler). It was really nice feeling recognized and validated through this story, and I hope others are inspired to write characters like Caelum into their own stories after playing this.

Let Go: While I've thankfully never been in a situation where someone I care about has died, I was able to sympathize with Maya and felt her conflict within myself. She and Eli had a wonderful dynamic, and while I wish they could have had many more days together, the ending is fitting for the story, and neither route left me feeling cheated per say.

If in your Dream; The Flood: As someone also approaching legal adulthood, I can very much understand Ophelia's stress and the need to get away for a while. The things she learned on her journey are all things we could use reminders about.

Overall, I really enjoyed all three of these stories and I found their themes appropriate and relevant to me as an audience member. Best off luck to the whole team on their next projects!