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When is issue two? 

Great a new game. Will you be releasing on Android like all your other games? 

Great update. But would love to see a new book in future. 

Any plans to release full game on PC? 

Hello. What is Hack 23? Will it be released in English? Thanks

Would love to see more of Mork Maus.

Can we get a resized version? Way to big. 

Can we get a item sheet?

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I definitely want in print as well. Have your other two books in print.Will you be releasing on Exalted?

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Looking forward to the next issue. 

Would like to see a item sheet. 

Will more print copies be available?

I supported above price point but got nothing exclusive. What's the extra material?

Okay great. Picked up a copy from Exalted. But what I would like to see is example room drawings.  Hope to see more from series in future. 

Will it be available in print? 

Can you let us know here when and where? 

Is book going to be available in print somewhere?

Is the wilderness supplement still coming? 

Sorry I mean are you going to continue zine with another book or two in future? New adventures and ideas. 

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Is there plans for a second or third issue of the zine?

I would like to see another print run as well. Just found the zine.