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Loved this game. Played it numerous times. Helped prep for Normal / Heroic. It'd be cool to see the final boss patched in. Also, I would love to see you do Dev Logs on youtube

I see lots of World of Warcraft Legion Artifact appearances as well as just normal WoW weapons

What license is applied to these assets?

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Ravenmore. Can you choose the Licenses for your products? People need to know what they are allowed to do with your assets.

The game is pretty good. Here are some things I ran into:

  1. Lots of screen tearing when running from scene to scene without letting go of the directional buttons
  2. The couple singing in the Inn, their dialog is off beat of the music. 
  3. You should be able to return the Iron Sword immediately after forging it, not until "later" in the game.
  4. The spider boss seems over tuned and its too early in the game for a "boss" that can easily kill you if you suck at parrying. It'll push more casual players away. 
  5. Some dialog of why players go from not killing anyone to killing rangers would be interesting. I get they are shooting at you but I would like to see some sort of text that there are bandits in the area. 
  6. Being able to see learned designs from your inventory would be cool
  7. Using the select button to open up your inventory / journal would be nice as well