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I love this so much! The original is one of the factors that led me to discover my identity as a therian, so this remake is awesome to see. Very relatable and moving, even. We've both grown up, too, so it's great to see what she's up to now. Put me on the waitlist for SPLT applicants! ❤️

I remember completely adoring this game when I was young. Too young to really understand it really, skipping past all the text. But something about it just grabbed my attention. I don't know what made me remember it, but I just went on a journey to find it tonight.  So here I was, sitting in the dark at 3am going through every possible route in this game. I don't know if it was nostalgia or the game, but I became very emotional. It made a big mark on my childhood and influenced some things I did and I failed to notice until now, and this newfound experience will continue to leave a mark. I just wanted to say thank you for this 

I really enjoy this. The writing is good, haven't seen any spelling/grammar mistakes. I've played this multiple times, you've got me so interested that I just wanna go down every path. Oh, and the restart button did work for me. I'll be checking out your other works because I did like this one plenty.

And might I ask, what did you use to create this?