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I agree!

Lol the artists after reading the dialogue: *cracks knuckles* Alright, time to make this even better.

Very nice game, I love the art! 
I didn’t miss that “sheepishly” pun by the way… very clever.

I somehow managed to survive, got ending 4.... yaayyyy 

Ok, thanks!

Very cute and the puns were funny!

Question: WhY iS hE bLuShInG?

Very fitting name you have there, sir.

Oh I see. I think I thought that because when he’d turn it on it would reload the page and restart the game from my save XD

…Also did he just pull a MIB memory flash on me?

Not the fourth wall breaks 😂


I can’t wait! <D

Me and Argyle hanging out in Hell while Umbellifer rots in jail! 😁

I love how the first ending I got was the bad ending with Will, I’m too trusting lol

T-that escalated q-quickly…

y e p 🫠

Trying to decide if I’m fine with the situation or not 

I love this comment.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess you got that *ahem* particular ending. ;3

I got "Ending 3" (not gonna go into details as I don't wanna spoil for anyone)

Yeah! I figured it out earlier, thanks!

Soooo, I've gotten the game to open, but apparently I don't have the font? But I actually already do? I even went and downloaded the font and it still wouldn't work. Help?

Poor clowns :(

Nobody gonna talk about how cool Jack in The Box was though?

When you know you were probably too nice, and "cute" as he puts it, but you can't decide if you regret it or not.

I'm in love with a demon~

Yeah, he’s playing hard to get, tsundere man, but I assure you, I will win him over! ^^

Me getting the common ending

Me also having targeted Lawrence the entire game


I think I'm off to target him some more >:)

We'll see how it goes!

Actually, I had no problems with it! Somehow....

Good ending with Nightowl!!! OHMIGOSH I LOVED HIM SO MUCH! Also, the title song is just asadhsjhfghdyiifhr BEAUTIFUL!

Me: *decides to try it even though I have a mobile device because I’m ✨stubborn✨*

It actually works.

I feel… powerful.

I’m in love with Dara, like I think there’s something wrong with me, I’ve been giggling like a little school girl every time something happens… Also… Zeryan… I love you because you’re an awesome guard friend… but I also really hate you. XD