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Absolutely, send me your discord and I'll give you a key

its scarier that way

you can yes, I wish there was a better process here

I submitted the request to add some more Steam keys to the itch version. You should be able to redeem soon. Thank you for letting me know.

I'm sorry I didn't know that this version was still purchasable. It's an outdated version of the game. Add me on Discord at JaxClayton#2765 and I can send you a key to the new Steam version.

Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah Phil Spencer of Xbox fame actually approached me yesterday, he wants to make a new console that can only play Herb O'Cide but he lowballed me with 45 trillion dollars so I said no.

Fast and fun gameplay and I really like what you did with the story

Super fun gameplay, I could see myself going back to this one.

The maps are a little confusing but I thought it was a super creative idea.

Really great looking sprites and animations.

I couldn't see much in the first level so it took a while, might have been a graphics API issue with my graphics card. Otherwise it's pretty fun, you can't go wrong with rocket jumping.

Super chunky PS1 graphics along with my favorite implementation of the Jam theme. 

Nice looking menu and graphics with some smooth gameplay, I was a little confused when starting it but it's still well made

Really interesting implementation of the concept, it was a little difficult but otherwise I really enjoyed playing it.

nice looking art and fun concept


Smooth gameplay, stylistic visuals, and impressive world generation. I especially like the dual-wielding concept.

I put out a patch to fix the movement and climbing on PC! Mac, Linux, and WebGL will be getting this change in the next few days.

Very fun and I love the art style!

Very polished and relaxing. The movement mechanics took a second to get down but the level is built around them.

Thanks, this is a group project.

I can't install the game on the launcher for some reason.

I love it!

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what’s up! I actually made a sequel to this game (which just also went free) with a proper settings menu, but in this game, you press the up/down arrow keys to change the sensitivity, if that doesn’t work press left/right.