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Thank you very much! :)

I absolutely loved it. The art, the story. I only played it one time around, eventually I'll have to do it over and see what these other endings are like. 
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I enjoyed this interactive story, I did both dance and take the bus, so I wasnt sure how about to go to a third ending, and would love to hear what it is. It's a game with a lot of meaning, and I enjoy games that have a message. There's a lot missing in this world, and understanding is a key. 

Ill have to check out more of your work. 

Cute little story, with a perfected page. I did enjoy this, and its simplicity.
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I really loved the artwork, and the simplicity of the movements and scenes. I enjoyed the mystery of this story, and would love to perhaps see more, and or a longer story, but if not. Its still a wonderful interactive story.

I actually really enjoyed this, and I would most certainly buy a full game. The artwork was very different, which made me love it all the more.

Grow up. Obvously you got nothing else to do. You clearly don't understand the message and or meaning of the game. Take your lack of understanding else where.

Great short story.