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Just wanted to leave a comment to say I really liked this! Everyone is obviously a little OOC, but in a way that feels lighthearted and pokes fun at fandom memes and perceptions. I also love the sweet, serious moments mixed in there too, you actually want to get together with her various love interests, something some actual dating sims don't accomplish. The artwork is also very nice and pleasing to look at. I also loved some of the humor and references (particularly WKTD, it's so rare I see other fans of that). Overall, for a game that was probably made on a low budget and mostly passion, it's very high quality. Nice job. 

P.S. How many "routes"/endings are there? I know that there are three main "routes" of the game and polyamory is allowed  to a degree (being that you could romance the three and none of time slots overlap with each other), but are there others? For example, could you decide to romance Lucio or wind up with none of the love interests and get a different ending? Or does that just give you a shorter party scene? Just curious about some of the options of the game.