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Great little Zine, fellas! 

I've had the physical copy for only a few days now and, already, I've put together a nice little outline and a fun batch of material for fodder to run with in a game set to launch next weekend. 

While I know the intent is to use cards, and I respect that, I couldn't help but draw up a neat little character sheet for our session (I'm old school like that). Really love the concept and ideas your work is fueling and focusing into execution for me. Being a fan of the source material has really helped apply some context as well (Sunset Overdrive madness all the way!).

I look forward to what comes next. You've got a fan!

Take care.

Gladly! Take care.

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I've got to say, I really enjoy and appreciate your work here. A perfect addition to my ever growing Into the Odd/EB based library; and one I actually plan to play! The aesthetic is pitch perfect, so much so that my nearing 3 year old son (also a Liam) praised the Choo-choo on the Conductors Zine to the point that I printed it out for him to color. A masterpiece, both your work and his. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing what comes next. Take care.