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then i dont know what to say man, i did it and it gave me the extra scene but you have t0 have mia lvl3/4 too idk try to lvl up mia if it doesnt work then either then i dont know

no, its too good or dis 

My mail

Hello, can someone send me the game in my mail in rar format cause i cant download it of mega and i would really like to try the game, Thank you to who does

im sad to :( but week 7 on fnf comming out tooday :))))))))))))))))))))))))

ikr if you do a lot of practice it becomes ez

Bruh M.I.L.F.? Fucking try south on hard bitch.

its space too btw

ow ok wait den

put this music for da space button pls


no, the scene is implemented you have to go on the weekends saturday/sunday at noon with the paper cups and on the beach on the far left and press on the juice machine, this will triger the scene

go to the beach, and go to the sea shell area, the most left of the beach and click the las umbrella 5 times everywere on it until you get it...

you have to wait for the weekend, then go to the guest room, ATENTION, mia has to be lvl 4 to be able to do this scene

yo yo yo, try to make balistic more easy👌 to hard even on easy mode 😅

Guys if anyone was wondering i know how to get the secret scene, in the galery the other one, you need the paper cups and go to the juice machine in the far left and press on it...


use in your room afternoon on the wekends there is a cd player on the shelf

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Some One Help Me With This Please


you use the music cd in you-re room on the music player on the weekend in the afternoon to dance with mia... and also please help me with this 

Hello, thank you can you help me with my problem higher?


Hello Can someone help me with this?

Hello, how do i get home while im a school i cant seem to figure it out...😅 Much love to you-re game ❤❤

hello, how do i find out prestons secret?

How do you start working for da fbi?

Yea its so fun!!! Thanks for making this sale :))))))


Amazing :) Keep it up!!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello im an SFX Designer, i wolud like to work with you, just out of curiosity where do i message you in private? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

OK! :)))))

I love this game so much!! Its the most addicting game i everd played. <3

Nice game ;)

may i ask what that is?

Thank u, can u make an RPG, lmao

Hello, love the game but i would like to know if there is anoteher weapon pas the grenade launcher. THANK YOU! 

Thank you :))))

Hello will version 0.3 ever be free cause i want to play it but i dont have the money:(

Very nice game, hope to see another one soon! :)