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The bullshit bats to knock you off the ropes are the most frustrating bullshit I have encountered in a game in a long time and I hope and fucking pray they stop at some point

I've been stuck on this level for a month because it makes me screaming god damn mad every time. It's not even the enemies that fucking kill you, it's the god damn poison.

level seven fucking sucks dick

Hello question time

What all is currently available for installation in the basement right now? Is it just the bed?

some kind of facehugger would be sick too

it is. but is it stealing if you don't want to rescue her? at that point the building would just be going to waste by itself lol

idk why indivi would leave games unfinished just to remaster one they already finished

One thing I think should maybe change is the ability to renovate the basement in the safehouse. If you just don't go get Cassie back, she doesn't really own the ruins and she probably has no hope of escaping captivity on her own, so ownership of it should probably transfer to the player at the point she is kidnapped by the Don's goons. I'm not like one of those people who tries to stuff my ideas down a creator's throat and tell them how their own work should be, but that is a little hole I noticed.

Does this game have content the original doesn't have, or is it purely a remaster?

I love this game so far but is there like cheats for it? I'd kind of like to skip over the hard parts and just see the animations and stuff lol

be careful not to wait super, super long like the people doing WMNAD. The kickstarter for it was in like 2017 and those poor bastards still haven't got a full release of the game. That shit is a joke at this point

Thanks bro. Have a great day.

The pumpkin juice request

I seem to be having an issue clicking the Cold Goods chest in the gas station. I can't find the hitbox to activate it and continue going.

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yea if you're gonna put stupid little hard minigames in here, make them at least playable. I have a Samsung Galaxy s10+ and this game still lags, particularly in the little minigame attached to this scene. Make it easier or drop it completely because it sucks. I closed the damn game just to come here and tell you because it's so frustrating. Don't lock actions behind already difficult minigames when the game lags this much.

is this game just one room with no way out? Wtf is supposed to be going on here? Is this not really an android game?