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I was trying to find an indie game to play on my channel and came across this. It was such a short and sweet game, I absolutely loved it! :-) 

Just in case some of you haven't heard yet, there is a new Baldi's Basics Demo out! It is a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see the full game for Baldi's Basics! :-D

I was so excited when I found out that there was more content for Baldi's Basics. I can't wait to see a full game! :-D

Thank you so much for your help, checking out the link now! :-D

Oof, I'm keep getting a fatal error when trying to open it up; something to do with D3D being lost? Does anyone know what I should do, I'm really wanting to play this on my channel... any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!

I love how tense this game can be! Scared the crap out of me several times!