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Just fixed it for you, I reworked the attack animation to add more effects on the "robe", you can check it out on my profile through the link.

Of course, will do ! Looking forward to seeing more ! Keep up the good work

Very cool style and animations ! Can I use this and possibly modify it for a game that I would like to sell eventually ?

This is really cool, animations are on point ! Hope to see more of this kind !

Nice work ! Really like the swing effects 

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Cool character ! Here's a try at a sliding/mouvement animation I did for this character:

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Hey Warren, I recently started getting into pixel art and sprite animations for a side project of mine and I really liked this sprite ! I made other animations for it, feel free to use them as you wish, they were done by me for practice ! Let me know what you think :) 

3 Hit Combo:

Crouch 3 Hit Combo:

Backflip Attack:


Jump (needs work):