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Incredible game with a couple of problems, 1 i experianced a few crashes secondly story wise i had a problem with paganism beind used as a evil creepy trope this game could of been amazing without that. 

chill game i suck but its good

this game is wonderfull hes my fave boyf

did a lets play of this game i liked the concept but i seemed to have few problems towards the end 

I Recorded two Sirenhead games hope you dont mind.I felt honestly unearved during the whole experiance even though it was short, the short path served very well and ifelt trapped nice stuff 

I Recorded two Sirenhead games hope you dont mind, I loved your game i hope you will consider expanding the idea . the art style  was awesome really brought me back  and the sound desgin on Sirenhead was as unearving as you'd expect

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Loved this game very intresting art style and set in a intriging world 

I have played more creepypasta dating game's than i care to admit, i tease quite abit in this video, but its honestly the most polised game in this niche that i have played 

Finnaly got round to playing this and im glad i did, Just as the last game i played from yarnspinner they know how to hit Story and Atmosphere , and keep the game intresting whereas many others of its type would feel boring, living up the name walking simulator, however you almost forget here. Im not idssapointed to say the least.

Really good little indie game with some promise gives classic Survival horror vibes and has you do more than find items and run away from a monster this change of pace is always refressing in itchio titles cant wait for the full realease.

Excellet game, brilliantly captures Sleep Paralysation as i said before i made a lets play of it here, i also left a 1 Dollor tip best of luck with future games mate its a shame i cant afford to give more.

Decent game good concept, my only problem is i wish you built on it more give us more ways it could play out but otherwise a fun ten min experiance 

Fantastic game i used to suffer from sleep praralysis and this is highly accurate omfg 


My game kept crashing everytime i tired to wake up 

A very interesting  and relaxing game i enjoyed how the story plays out and how the choices are presented to you. the game did crash a Couple of times for me at the end however