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Let's just say I now support the pro-watermelon movement.

I played for a while without running into the underwear'd guy, but I think I played an older version of this.

Nevertheless, I hope to see this game finished!

Did a Let's Play (shameless self-promotion)

The game was CRAZY. I found some glitches here and there, but overall the money I spent was worth it!

Since you deleted my comment, I'd like to clarify about what I said in my video. I criticized the game, because of its broken and incomprehensible story. I think it could be better, so I pointed out the flaws I happened to notice. For a game that cost me money, I feel as though I have more say in what I wanted. 

I'd like to post this video again, so you can take a look at it without taking offense. 

I meant no shame with what I said, and had a good time playing it. However, I simply can't say that the game is overall "good", or sing its praises. I'm saying all of this as constructive criticism, so that the next time you make a game, you can do it better. I hope this clarifies things, and that you are able to see past my words, and understand their meaning.

Ran into more than a few glitches, and had to restart, and even uninstall and re-download the game due to problems. However, I finally completed the game.

The art style is good, but felt some of the animations were lacking. Your character can never turn around, and the walking animation straight up doesn't work sometimes. The quests were rather simple, which isn't a bad thing, and the character design was cutesy and endearing.

I felt the ending was rather bizarre. I don't know if there is some folklore that would justify the cat *SPOILER AVOIDING* doing the thing at the end, but I would have rather expected something more rewarding than what was given.

Either way, thanks for making this. You can see my entire experience with it here --> 

This game was a wild ride. From the in-depth story to the compelling characters, every second is jam-packed with content and entertainment. Can we TALK about the ending? I've never cried that hard in my life. When ___ ___ ___, I literally broke down in tears. The environments are well done, and the space theme definitely adds a certain aspiring element to the game.

Thanks so much for creating this masterpiece. I will willingly wait for the next gem to eb bestowed upon us mortals.

Well hey thanks for making this!

Ran into a bug that crashed the game. Dunno what I did, but you may want to take a look at the end of the video to see what I mean, and maybe locate what went wrong?

Anyway, thanks for the game, and I can't wait to see more!

Pretty FRICKIN' cute!

The gameplay looks promising. I'd like to see a full-fledged point-and-click adventure game from you. Many thanks for making this!

Fantastic use of the engine. The environment looks spectacular, and reminds me of the Silent Hills P.T. demo. Not much interactivity in the environment besides a seemingly useless radio, so that was a downside. At first, I was scared that all effort was thrown into the graphics, and that the "meat" of the game would be lacking, but I was pleasantly spooped as the game went on. 

This felt like a demo, and from what your description said that's what it was. I'd like to see you work on a full-fledged horror game, because what you showed here was better than what I normally find on Gamejolt and Itch.io. Thanks for creating this, and I'll be watching out for your next game in the future!

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So, I left some constructive criticism on my video, because I think this could definitely be better than it is. I wasn't necessarily scared, but the enemy design was pretty interesting compared to the *hulking monstrosity* that most horror games of this type go for. It's pretty "hallway-like", and the locations of the objects seem to be random, which isn't a bad thing.

Hopefully the finished version of this is even better! Thanks for making this!

Nice :)

Made me start thinking about life, because I am an incredibly deep person. (Ha...)

But no, it was a beautiful experience, short, and not much else. But that's the point, right?

Had a heckin' swell time playing this. Got most of the endings, and felt as though they were all worth getting. Loved the open-endedness of things, and theartsyle and music complimented themselves well.

Fantastic work, and I look forward to playing the next games in the series!

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I made my perfect world, and anime is now real. Peace does not rain, as everyone is constantly fighting and burning themselves.

But it's okay. Thanks for making this. Reminds me of Sort the Court, so with that kind of gameplay you can play it again and again!

I screamed so hard I knocked my freaking keyboard shelf off. Thanks.

This game is amazing! The art style and nod to the cliche horror movies of old adds a level of horror and unknowing that puts the player on edge. 

I mentioned in my Let's Play that the way the game is made reminds me of what a snuff film would be like, but maybe that was a tad excessive. It's more like that the horror movies today are dumbed down and only bare-bones, so something this intense is a shock. 

Either way enjoyed the heck outta this! Thanks for making it!

Hey I beat your game! Secret ending and everything! Was unsure about the last part, so if I missed anything, let me know. Otherwise, this was an incredible ordeal. The boss battles took the most of my time, and I had to (understandably) figure out everything for myself. The 4th wall breaking horror was a blast, but the lack of understanding in the boss battles led to some rage. 

But thanks for the game! Hope to see more from you in the future!

You had to put in boss battles, didn't you? It's an interesting addition, not sure how I feel about it. Could use a tad more polish!

I apologize for spamming. I was supposed to do this as the episodes came out, but I got busy with life and stuff.

Really enjoying the game still! It spices things up as you go along, and reminds me heavily of IMSCARED: A Pixellated Nightmare.

Continuing forward!

This game is pretty fantastic! It merges fourth wall breaking elements with engaging and spoopy gameplay!

Enjoying it so far!

Like a brutal mix of Dark Souls, Dungeon Crawlers, and a little survivbal sprinkled in there.

Good game, but I made the mistake of playing with a keyboard. Very difficult. Recommend a controller for the incredible skill this requires!

I accomplished many things today:

Realized that I'm above dying from aneurysms.

Proved that I love my family through works.

Halfway watched the finals of some sort of football game.

Bellowed forth, and maintained my place at the top of the food chain.

Played this game.


Is this the Ultimate Doggo? 'o'

Why would you do this? What consumed you to create this? I played it, but I may have lost something in the process.

Thanks for the game? Maybe?

Always good to see the next installment on this. I wish I had worn the t-shirt in my video, but I was dumb.

Cant wait to see Chapter 3!

This is a masterpiece. Though I ran into some issues with diction and overall coffee believability, the characters were funny and just vague enough to increase interest A la dating sim style.

The twist at the end was pretty snazzy, and deserves some kudos.

Thanks so much for making this game!

Created a new topic Let's Play and review

First off, the video is here -->

Many thanks for making this. It's obviously a spoof on "Alone in the Dark, which I haven't played, but can immediately appreciate the humor. Short, and I found a glitch where I basically softlocked the game by filling the room with melons. Funny game, and worth spending the five minutes or so to absorb its message. (There isn't one)

This is gonna be open world? Please continue making this. It already gave me chills, and I can't wait to see the direction you guys take with this!

Thanks for the hard work!

Dang bro. This game gave me some serious chills. The moment the deep web was mentioned, and with cyber-supernatural events being integrated into it, the story meshes out into a narrative adventure worth taking. Multiple endings is a plus, ad the story can be taken at the pace you want.

Great job!

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I know you already commented on my video, but I'd like to give my full review here.

First off, it was a cool premise. Playing at a computer, and being tasked with some pretty cool puzzles in order to advance was very fun and intuitive, but it felt bogged down with what most gaming creepypastas do: lack of directive storytelling.


It seemed most of the "horror" came from the profound statements coming out of each characters text boxes, but nothing actually came of any of it. The ending was a tad lackluster, with the ending being the generic "You passed, but ima still get you" horror trope.

Now, with that being said, the game was fun to play, and I'll definitely be watching for your next game if you happen to make another.

Hope to see more from you, and you have my thanks for creating this!

I'd like to see this finished. It sets up a mysterious story, filled with tons of lore.

Many thanks for creating this!

First off, the nod to the cartoons of old like Steamboat Willie is just the tightest thing I've seen in a Disney-inspired horror game. The game has a nice pace, only bringing attention to the plot when is necessary, whiule still allowing the player to explore on their own. The scares, for the most part, are a breath of fresh air from the "Forced Jumpscare" methods of today. So kudos to you guys, and I cannot wait to see chapter 2!

(I also bought the t-shirt.)

Excellent game experience, and incredibly cutesy, yet mature atmosphere. Would love to see this greenlit!

Definitely reminded me of LittleBigPlanet with its ambient surroundings and "Use Whatever to Get Ahead" item usage. Thanks so much, and can't wit to see this as a full game!

As a Dark Souls playing, fedora-wearing individual myself, I found my skills at NOT killing people were subpar at best. Would love to see an update to this with a better models and animation. Nevertheless, fun game with some nice promise!

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This game was FANTASTIC. The scares and atmosphere are so real, and the mechanics of moving from one segment to the next keep the heart pumping vigorously!

Can't wait to see this Greenlit!

Concept was good, and the monsters were pretty terrifying, but I feel as though rather than surfing through frequencies, it should have been a quick button press. Otherwise, good game!

Thanks so much!

Super fun game! Haven't played a clicker since Huniecam Studio, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the game.

If I had any qualms about the game, it would be how quickly the game goes by. I understand the point of the speed, but i feel as though it could have been dialed down a bit. I found myself panicking and going bankrupt on many occasions rather than making smart decisions, but i suppose that's the life of an indie developer? Anyway, loved the game, and hope to see more out of you!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QgaX8Fftoo Played this a while ago. Great game!

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Absolutely LOVED this game! The "Survival of the Fittest" mentality plus the random nature of the game definitely leads to some pretty awesome replayability!

Thanks so much for making this game!

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Interesting idea (Very "Emily Wants to Play"-esque), but the mechanics mostly just straight-up didn't work when I played it. "Mortem", or at least the demonic black doll, only ever pursued once, and was stopped by collision. Afterward, I was able to cheese the game by continually flashing her. Also, the "hiding in the closet" mechanic didn't work at all.

Would love to see this game get worked on more, and possibly re-visit it another time.