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Sooooooooo trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hello all! For everyone that's played Chapter 2, I did a semi-deep dive into what exactly happened. LOTS of hidden information in this chapter!

Looks great so far! I remember playing the first Megaman ages ago. You reminded me I need to actually give the series the attention it deserves!

This game rescued me from poverty.

This game filled my belly with nutrients.

This game made my hair shine and glow.

This game put a smile on my face.

This game brought my family back together.

Sometimes, it's not about the adventure. Maybe, sometimes the real games are the games we played along the way.

Thank you, WhalesandGames. Thank you.

Just finished the demo, and absolutely love what you're doing. Made me become a patron immediately! Do you have a Discord? I think that would create a great community around No Delivery!

You stole assets from two games and mashed them together as one. I don't know why you think this is okay.

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I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to.

I can genuinely say I'm glad I don't work there anymore.

The...Mash Flinging Dasher? The Fast Speaking Attacker? 

Whatever the case, hilarious game. Good work Dave.

Absolutely phenomenal game! The "speed-up" mechanic allowed for a faster way to do things, without giving us a dash, or any way to outrun any baddies, and the puzzles were fun to complete. Monsters were spooky, and the entire game had a cohesive feel to it!

Absolute BLAST to play, and I hope to see more in the future!

Cute! A little linear, and felt like much of what I did didn't mean much, but the aesthetic was nice, and cutscenes are always a bonus!

Felt invigorating mowing down those baddies, but I felt like the story never really got explained. Visuals were nice, but some puzzles felt hard to understand.

Absolutely stunningly amazing game! The puzzles were awesome, the "enemies" were spooky, and the environment was gorgeous! Unfortunately I ran into a few bugs that made my run unplayable, and there was no save function, so I lost all of my progress. It actually crashed at one point!

However, I'd like to see this polished up, and a more  stable version released! Great job!

Truly a work of art! The voice clips from the actual show were implemented beautifully without being obnoxious, and the "lab" joke was in there as well, harkening back to the glory days of Spongebob humor, truly showing your knowledge and love for the series. The game was fairly simplified and fun, and the scares were just tame enough for me to feel comfortable saying that it's a family-friendly horror game. Great job!

I'll definitely be playing your older games. Been meaning to!

The game is pretty okay, but I feel as though it may rely too heavily on Silent Hill elements for its identity. The amulet was impossible to find, and some things were really hard to see if they were interactive or not.

Granted, chainsaw bunnies and eye monsters are a thrill. Keep it up! Polish this sculpture, and make it into something memorable!

Monster looked good! Environment and everything was easy on the eyes, and I honestly jumped out of my chair when the books went flying!

I'm very satisfied with everything, though I encountered a considerable amount of lag while recording. 

No. NO.

But yes. This exists, and I will have no part of it.

As short as the demo was, I enjoyed looking at the 3D pixellated style graphics. I'm excited to see where this goes!

Great concept, and execution! I feel like everything that was done made the game's feel that much more intense.

I can't imagine this being expanded upon, but I hope you keep creating games! Great job!

Every question wrong is spoopy!

I may have gotten stuck in the later areas, but I love your interpretation of 087! 

I certainly did the thing.

Multiplayer? Nice.

I'm now in several committed relationships with fruit. Thanks

Heyo, here's how to beat the game.

It's hard, it's random, and it's got a semi-okay payoff, but hey! You exist!

The future of Sonic is looking quite bright!

The Blue Blur comes in with a satisfying win!

Zees ees a fantastique haque and zlash game!

Enjoyed my time playeeng zeesh!

Officially beaten. Great game, from a great dev.

Thanks for commenting! Loved the game! And apparently the monster is random every time? Great effort!


Absolutely  awesome demo! I went in thinking it was one of those "serious yet horribly made" games, and was completely taken aback by a story setup that belies a darker and really interesting story! Hope to see this finished

I am growing increasingly insatiable in my quest to complete this. (I've received several helpful comments on how to beat it, I just have to put advice into action!)

Absolutely wonderful! Clearly inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I love the low-res graphics and tank-like controls.

Can't wait for the finished product!

I'm getting so close! I feel like I have the route down...I just have to get lucky and avoid most of the baddies...

Wiggle physics equals a good time. Short and sweet!

Fantastic job here. It's short, but the writing and overall vibe made it work.

I enjoyed my time here, and hope another game comes out from your group!

I uh.......did the thing.

I've done nothing wrong.

Needs some polish. I see you're aware of the rocking horse glitch, so hopefully that gets fixed soon. Otherwise, seems like another Sit 'n' Survive with a little character. Appreciate the voice acting! Great work, keep it up!