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A member registered Jun 27, 2016

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Zees ees a fantastique haque and zlash game!

Enjoyed my time playeeng zeesh!

Officially beaten. Great game, from a great dev.

Thanks for commenting! Loved the game! And apparently the monster is random every time? Great effort!


Absolutely  awesome demo! I went in thinking it was one of those "serious yet horribly made" games, and was completely taken aback by a story setup that belies a darker and really interesting story! Hope to see this finished

I am growing increasingly insatiable in my quest to complete this. (I've received several helpful comments on how to beat it, I just have to put advice into action!)

Absolutely wonderful! Clearly inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I love the low-res graphics and tank-like controls.

Can't wait for the finished product!

I'm getting so close! I feel like I have the route down...I just have to get lucky and avoid most of the baddies...

Wiggle physics equals a good time. Short and sweet!

Fantastic job here. It's short, but the writing and overall vibe made it work.

I enjoyed my time here, and hope another game comes out from your group!

I uh.......did the thing.

I've done nothing wrong.

Needs some polish. I see you're aware of the rocking horse glitch, so hopefully that gets fixed soon. Otherwise, seems like another Sit 'n' Survive with a little character. Appreciate the voice acting! Great work, keep it up!

I may not be smart....



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Love the pixel art!

Hopefully you make a bigger game at some point. I'll be watching for it!

Gave it a go!

There's some work left to be done here, but I enjoyed my time so far. Would love to hear if this game is ever finished.

I'm super confident this went well.

Wish the game was longer, and had a more "rage" factor to it, but it's for a Jam, so I understand why it's so small!

Hell hath no fury like a garbage Youtuber with something to prove.

I'll beat this travesty if it kills me.

I've played a few of your other games, so I've been a fan of your work for a couple months now. 

Apparently the game glitched with me? I didn't get a specific ending, so I was  a little disappointed. However, the aesthetic and music of your game was entrancing, and I enjoyed every second of it!

Youtube's game detect thought this was Minecraft.

I'm not done with this game yet! I've done a lot more research on other videos, and I'll be abck to beat this monster! Love the game, and the fact that it's challenging, yet random and infuriating! Great job, especially for a Jam game!

I'll post a full review of the "Dead" sequel when I'm done with it on the Steam page, but for now I'll post this here:

Fantastic sequel! Love everything about it! Stylized, colorful, and each boss has its own way of doing things! Thanks so much for reaching out to me!

The monsters spawn directly in front of you in the chase sequences. That may need a change, but I appreciate the aesthetic, and that it's not just another FNAF-style ripoff.

Fun game! Managed to beat it, and claimed the mansion and its butler as my own!

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Pretty swell game! I feel like I understood the point of the story, but if not, lemme know.

Love the extra menu as well! Wish more games did that!

There's clearly some more work that needs to be done here.

FANTASTIC game. Nice mechanic, and I'm glad it was implemented so well througout the game.

The guy below me pretty much sums up the game pretty well. Great voice acting, but the difficulty becomes unfair after the lights are out. 

Great game though, and I hope that this is a learning experience for you!
Created a new topic Crossbow Guard highlight video

Did a full video on just the Crossbow Guard. I think some items need re-working...

(also, Blessing Finger softlocks the game against the Magnetism enemies, and the vampire item softlocks the game in the sacrifice rooms!)

I don't necessarily understand how the main character can recognize the pictures despite how twisted they were, and you can softlock the game by going right instead of left. Otherwise, the beginning was pretty interesting.
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So, where is 2019?

Can't wait to see your big project if it's anything like this!

Officially made my journey to the Great Beyond.

I'm genuinely concerned I may have caused some higher form of consciousness  to end it all.

Funny game. I thank you for not using copyrighted material, and the writing was great!

Reminds me of "There is No Game".

Gave it a go! There are a few glitches and programming left to be done, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

I was fortunate enough to get access to the Alpha, so thank you for that Bahamutt!

I did a Christmas episode on my channel, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the game so far. The varying characters allow a "The Binding of Isaac-esque" feel, while the gameplay itself is similar to Dark Souls, or I suppose Titan's Souls. I will say, sometimes the timing is a tad tight on the second boss (though I've yet to actually damage him, so i can assume I'm probably doing something wrong), and there are a few spelling errors here and there. I'd also like to see the text in a more "video game" style, perhaps like 8 or 16-bit graphics, as I feel the font and text box choice clashes with the game's aesthetic style. At some point, (I don't know if this has already been implemented or not) I'd like to be able to use my runes to be able to start at a certain point in the dungeon, perhaps with the option to roll for random items for a small price as well.

Otherwise, I'm going to keep playing, and keep uploading! I'll give my thoughts as I continue playing!

10/10 On core gameplay. The characters were deep and interesting, and the ending had me in tears. Brilliant game, from a brilliant mind.

I did a snazzy Let's Play, if you could give it a look. One video on the fabulous game that changed my life forever.

Whoever you are, I hope you're happy with yourself.

Created a new topic Let's Play Series

Heyo! I'm starting to play this on my channel, and thought I'd post some of the videos here.

As someone who found Katawa Shoujo an undeniable classic, this game seems to be following that style. I haven't discovered the "serious" side of the game yet, but it's looking good!

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What an incredible game! A beautiful story, perfectly captured within a creepy and mysterious element. I was able to get the true ending in first playthrough, and I feel that my choices had actual impact on the story.

Great job!

Gave it a go!

Enjoyed the demo! You laid some pretty fancy lore down, and created an interesting world. I just wish the demo had ended with a little taste as to what the plot was!

I'll be watching the development of this to see where it goes!