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Thanks Lunar-wire!

I'm getting this on Windows 10 too...

Hi John, I just havent had the time with other projects and life in general - I do plan on going back to it this year!

Great job!

"Choppa will remember that"

Glad you like :) It is designed to be hard, the games I remember from that time were very hard so I wanted to reproduce that feeling... when I start to add more features I'll add some difficulty levels (80's, 90's, 00's :))!

Thanks John, will do! :)

One day... one day :)


Thanks! Funny you mention Cannon Fodder as I did draw a couple of Cannon Fodder inspired sprites at one stage!

Thanks for playing our game :) Just uploaded v1.01 which doubles the speed which refueling happens, it was never meant to be that slow!

Glad you like it. I wanted to add some many more features! 

Re: PayPal - Ah I had an old email for my PayPal account, maybe that was the issue...

Any chance of a demo?

Thanks for the comments Jupiter. We ran out of time, we had so many ideas to add to the game:

* Inventory System (I wanted a window based on where you could equip armor, select weapons and use medkits etc)

* More collectible items

* More weapons (shotgun, crossbow, 2x4 etc)

* Larger/More levels

* Different type of Zeds

* Human enemies

* Start/Stop sections of levels, forcing you to Clear (;)) before you can move on

* NPCs

Love the feel on this one.

Nice fast gameplay! I scored 1369 before I died.

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That means I'm second then...