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Thanks for checking it out, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes I believe the original had the flapping mechanics you described where upward velocity was just set instead of incremented, but I suppose I went the other way because I found it a bit more interesting. Rather than being only about timing, you had a bit more control over how high your flap would launch you.

Anyway what about rendering the pipes is getting you stuck? From what I can remember, spr() or sspr() is used to draw sprites to the screen. Are you referring to something else such as pipes spawning perhaps?

Now that's a proper skeletal army!

Thank you. I've tried myself and unfortunately it seems like it just doesn't work on Firefox. It does work on Google Chrome as well as Microsoft Edge, though I wasn't able to test Safari as I'm on PC. So either try Chrome or Edge and it should work.

If anyone else is able to try Safari or any other browser, I'd appreciate if you'd let me know if the game can run.

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Would you mind opening up your browser's console and letting me know what sort of message it's giving? I'd really appreciate the help. Otherwise, be sure you're using either Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari and Edge may also work, but other browsers have been known to just not work.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed! I believe I've fixed the issue so give it another shot!

I've made another game using these characters. This time I've included your golem, bear, wolf, and ent in my Halloween hack-n-slash. Check it out if you can! Thanks again for these characters!

I've made a Halloween hack-n-slash game using a bunch of your assets, including this tileset and many of your characters. Check it out!

Thanks so much for your work. It's appealing and easy to work with, making it great for developers like myself who aren't great with artwork!

I've made another game with your assets, this time it's a Halloween themed hack-n-slash. Check it out!

Once again thanks so much for everything you do to make game dev more accessible to novices like myself! 

First of all, thanks a lot for trying out the tutorial and for giving the game another shot like you said! Secondly thank you so much for your amazing feedback! 

Unintuitive menu: I was a bit worried that people might have a hard time even navigating the menu, but your example of using the down arrow in order to get to the tutorial, only to start the game just sealed the deal. I've decided to stop messing with the sanctity of the arrow keys and just use I/J/K/L to perform actions. The arrow keys are now an alternative movement/menu navigation option. There are now overlays on the action buttons showing what key to press for each buttons as well. 

Tutorial: Thanks for spotting that soft lock, the player now starts with enough arcane shards to craft every they can and still complete the crafting tutorial. I've also made all tutorial rooms smaller so that objective text can be seen more easily.

Door Buttons: My hope was that after completing the tutorial, a player would start the game and investigate the only thing they hadn't yet seen before. Then hopefully they would recognize the door button as something they could interact with after walking up to it. But if more people seem to still be confused as to using the door buttons, it won't be a huge deal to add another tutorial for it.

High tier enemies next to starting room: Thing is, high tier enemies can only spawn two rooms away from the center of the dungeon, it's just that the center of the dungeon is actually the boss room, not the starting room. So try finding the boss room first, then exploring its surrounding rooms to find a broken weapon. Don't forget that all damage (except for special attacks) can be negated by using the correct protection spell.

Timer: The timer now flashes red on every minute. I also plan to make it beep in some way but I'm just waiting until after I add the music.

Once again thanks so much for your feedback!

Thanks very much for taking the extra effort to understand my game! I definitely agree with you about sound effects, that's what I'm currently working on implementing now, so look out for those in the next update to the game.

As I've mentioned in my reply to the comment below, I do think there's plenty of room for improvement in the area of guiding the player toward progress, especially when they first start out. Apart from making the game much more enjoyable, sound effects could add some much needed audio ques to make the game more understand.

Lastly, do you think you could elaborate on what's grindy? Was it just fighting enemies, or the game in general?

Thanks for your honest feedback! I am realizing that it can be rather confusing going in and that the game needs to give more player feedback, so I'm working to improve it in that regard. 

As for getting killed while having the menu up, that's definitely a bug so thanks for spotting it!

In the next patch I'll be adding text pop-ups when the player is near something interactable so they know it's something important. I'll also add the typical "accept" and "exit" to the menu screen so that the buttons to press are hopefully more noticeable. 

I hope you'll give the game another shot!

Haha well thanks for giving it a try anyway!

Hey I loved your Golem design so much that I decided to use it as a base for the final boss in my game! I've just released an open beta for it, so check it out if you can: Thanks for your artwork!

Hey, I've just released an open beta for my game using this tileset as well as your dungeon UI pack. Check it out if you have a minute: Thank you very much!

These look absolutely fantastic! A few weeks ago I was looking for pixel art dragon designs for my game, but couldn't really find anything until now, and wow! I've since taken a look at your other pixel art assets packs and they are just as incredible! I'll definitely consider your work for my next game!