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Well, just beat the free version main game in about... 6 hours. It was pretty good. Sad we didn't get to see Suki follow thru with Natasha, and we don't see that spell get used on each other.  Lotta great content tho. Hope some stuff gets a little more animated, maybe adding those specialty classes to other body areas as well? Anyways. I rate 5/5 but I wish the main story had a little more in it, maybe just more animation. Keep up the great work!

The game has been great, playing online for months now.

I've finally downloaded the APK and I don't necessarily think your app needs all the permissions it requests. Why would it need access to my photos, camera, and location? General storage for save files, I can understand. But that is just about all.

If you want to play games from outside of official app stores, it *is* a risk that you may download malware. However, if you're sure of the source, such as games on Itch, be sure to "allow installation from unknown sources" and disable Play Protect on Android devices.

I know. I'm also aware that it's now December. And development started years ago. This is gonna be a Triple A title on the GBA lol.

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There are VOICES! Actual voices in a GBA game?? I'm not gonna lie, I've been scouring to find source code or some kind of tutorial or implementation, but I just can't. It's too impressive. Even on my AGS-001, it runs really well, minus some volume lost when turning, but that might just be my OEM battery and speaker giving out lol. Not 100% sure if this has any saving capabilities, but it might just be that it's designed for battery saves and not flash saves like I use.

Impressive. I have a few questions tho.

1) How in the world did you make a Baldi's Baiscs video run on my GBA?

2) Is there any way to incorporate sound?

3) Do you plan to release source code for putting videos on GBA?

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Game seems to run on my Flash Cart :) I hope it's compatible with Flash Saves.

Edit: This game is pretty good so far, but it is quite short. In development for at least 2 years, and I can see there is some quality, but I expected a bit more content.

Less than 2 minutes of actual gameplay so far, however it is running, even on original hardware (a stock AGS-001). Small visual glitch when accessing wardrobe, but being able to ring the bell on your bike is a lovely touch.

I have high hopes for the future releases :)

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Android runs fine for me!

Also I love the Town of Passion reference.

It's still incomplete.

Still seems that way, cuz I hit that same issue.

Works great on my OnePlus 6T.

Not sure what you consider medium-ranged.

like, at first I can click right on the dialogue to progress, but after a certain point I have to click just to the right of the dialogue box or else it won't progress.

I get it's early, so a lot of stuff isn't implemented yet. But still, high hopes.

Current issue in windows is that it seems to have issues registering clicks on menus or may not be properly registering where the pointer is located. Couldn't escape settings, can't see where to click to progress dialog but somewhere just outside chat bubbles seems to be right. Most option menus have no return function.  Given its 0.0.1, I have some high hopes for the future releases

yeah im still getting this glitch in 0.12.2

google "save edit online" ;) you're welcome. it tells you all the files it needs to identify all objects recorded in your save files.

Nah, I think it is intentional. Its's there for me too. Constant breeding options. A little odd though, cuz like, she isnt trying to kill the player or anything but im not complaining.