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This was the crossover I didn't know I needed! The phone calls were my favourite part! But... I still wasn't able to escape that young susser...

Such a fantastic concept for a game, and to be made in only three days blows my mind! :0

I found playing Cocomelon helped put the baby to sleep...

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I stuck with it and finally beat the impossible game... Definitely not for the faint-hearted! Link me your play throughs if you finished it too!

I'm hooked in now, I have to find out what's at the top! :0

I had so much fun the first time, I had to come back for Part 2 ;) I promise this game is impossible!! 

As difficult as this game was, it was oddly fun to play! Only minor thing was that I did lose a couple frames sometimes after jumping... 10/10 would stick again

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Finding Siren Head in the woods was oddly satisfying.I enjoyed the super creepy atmosphere!!

This genuinely made me jump! I really enjoyed the off putting sounds in this! 

Fantastic characters and animations heightened by the voices! Hope to see more of Bob again in another game one day! :D


A had a blast exploring this mysterious world, not to mention the fantastic attention to detail in the graphics! With a bit of refinement, this is likely to be a very good game. Keep up the great work!

This was a fantastic concept for a puzzle game and the atmosphere worked really well with the mysteries behind the diner. A minor point, I feel it lacked a bit of story, I don't know if you can add hidden notes or similar that might reveal more about why the diner has lost it's color? Keep up the good work, I'll be sure to check out the full version when it's out!

Between the music, the characters and the mystery of the game, I was compelled to keep playing. I played through twice and it made me question whether you play to win or for dialogue from the other characters. Either way, I enjoyed the psychological thoughts and the setting.

This was super unique compared to horror games I have previously played. The animations and built environment were great, my only real criticism would be that it got a little too dark in some areas... That aside, i'm really glad I checked it out, looking forward to see what you follow this up with!

For anyone who is yet to play, Dia introduces a creepy city with a population of you... and something else... (without spoilers) I would be keen to see a follow up to find out what the thing's motives are... or perhaps that is the mystery of the game... Thanks again for making it!

If you like maths and birthday cake, this ones' for you...

This is by far one of the best horror indie games I think iv;e ever seen developed! The attention to detail from the character design and environment to the lighting and sounds  really pushes you to the edge of your seat! Here's my reaction.... spoiler... I was pretty scared and only realised after that I had left the girl behind... :O

After playing Off-Peak, I had to come back with the second game from Cosmo D! Here is part 1 of my play through, so far the game is living up to being a much anticipated sequel complete with an awesome soundtrack!

I played Off-Peak a while back but I had to play it again for the channel! I'm really looking forward to the next instalment releasing later this year! Thanks Cosmo D for making this relaxing, unique world!

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Thanks eggdog media! Awesome to hear that you're refining the game! Thanks for checking out my video and of course will have to play the new version once you've updated it!

Great nightmare fuel, this game managed to make me jump multiple times! Despite being super dark in places and at times hard to understand where to go next, the character animations and shader made the gameplay very enjoyable! I wasn't able to get past the final zombie as I didn't have enough weapon ammo but it was still a cool and unique concept on the zombie genre!

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Your concept of building a 3D environment is incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed each area I was presented with and the sounds matched perfectly. I'd like to to see what else is under the obelisk if you extended the game past the Labyrinth. I will be quietly awaiting a follow up! ;) Here's my play through, the world generation was very smooth  👍

Great concept fubenalvo!! Definitely unique and i'm looking forward to how far this game can potentially go if you add a level editor. I do hope that you consider creating a storybased game soon though...? Again, like the last comment, I found that the elevator made the pipe block 'hover' a little bit and had to reset the level. But that aside, the graphics and sound effects are amazing for a free indie game. You're very good at creating a 3D enviroment! Here's my play through (I think OBS struggled at some parts).

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The suspension was very good! It was such a simple, but haunting concept and I was glad there was a flashlight element to make it that bit more unnerving. Here is my play through, I added a few more sound effects to heighten the experience and my ending was quite unique!

This is one of the best looking games I have seen here on Itchio in a while! The temple puzzle designs are great and I enjoyed the low poly effect on the main character. I do hope that you are able to expand on this game into the future because I can definitely see potential! Thanks for the game Hedgefield!

Another enjoyable Horror Game!! I really enjoyed the concept and it could be extended much further! (extended game coming soon maybe?) XD The skeleton creature and use of sound effects really had me hooked! I'm not too sure what the ending meant, but maybe a hint at something I didn't pick up on? Thanks Consistency for creating an awesome game!

I had a great time playing this and can't believe it was put together in three days! My favourite item was the Heckin Chips. Here's my game play, I managed to get away with $1000 in loot!

Such a cool concept to make a game's artwork using only MS Paint! Had a great time playing this quick adventure with Johnny.  Excuse the click bait title but here is my walk through if your interested in seeing how it played out! Thanks again Joshimations!

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All I can say is wow... what a game this is! I thought the concept was terrific and thoroughly enjoyed the idea of LeBron as being the Christmas ghost. I sadly was unable to finish the game (because I didn't realise that you could run and  think LeBron may have cheated in some cases) but had a great time playing it regardless! Thanks for creating this quick but awesome game, here's my playthrough if your interested to see how I went!

Great game!! I enjoyed the point and click aspect, the artwork and the creature! I can't wait to see what you create from here. Here's my play through of the game, I couldn't find all secret endings but am tempted to go back and solve them all!

Here is the second part to this awesome game! Glad to see it has been recognised as a contender of best Indie Game 2018! Keep up the great work fubenalvo!!

Just found your game and am thoroughly enjoying it so far! I hope it goes well because it has all the elements of a great game! I'm keen to finish it and find out what happens next in this beautifully crafted world!