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This was really neat! It was surprising how deep the gameplay felt even with just WASD+LMB+RMB and some good AI. Major kudos to you for getting something functional and fun in 2 days!

[FIXED] It was my VPN! Once I disconnected, I was able to use the other option to pay, and didn't run into that VAT error. Can't wait to try it out now!

Thank you for enabling that other payment option, and best of luck on future development!

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I just checked, and it's giving me that error even if I choose Pay with PayPal, so there's no way I could purchase even if I could use Paypal. I wonder, is this just an issue for me, or my state/country?

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Thank you for adding that!

But it looks like there's a problem since I'm in the US. I haven't seen this error before. The linked page 404s too.

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[FIXED] (I had to disconnect from VPN)

I would really like to buy this plugin, but I can't use Paypal. Is there another payment method you could enable? I know I've paid through before without having to go through Paypal.

Wooo! I'm glad to have the extra time!

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I don't have an answer (besides pointing out that multiple buttons are mapped to the same functions), but sorry, how did you get your PS4 controller working?

Okay, I think this is actually due to the app sandboxing? When I launch the game from the app with sandboxing on, the Aircraft and Vehicle block previews are messed up, and the Open/Export dialogs have trouble opening some paths. 

When I turn off sandboxing and launch from the app or launch the exe itself, the previews and paths are all fine. Not sure if supporting sandbox is on y'all's roadmap or not, but it'd be cool if you did as it's a useful feature from itch.

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I'm still getting block artifacts in the preview sidebar (first saw in Asset Forge Deluxe 1.2.0) for Aircraft (screenshot) and  Vehicle (screenshot) blocks. The other types are fine.

I have the Ultra setting for quality, so I believe I'm on AFD 1.2.1.

very nice! i never played rogue, but this was still super cool. my Selach ranger rocked some dungeons!

superbly polished musical take on an arkanoid-type game. very cool look that's enhanced by the great music and neat ideas. wish it played in browser, but i appreciate that it's an easy download for desktop OSes. interested to see your next!

clean execution on a simple, fun idea. feels smooth and responsive, with neat, short puzzles. i completed it in about 5 minutes. well done!

very subtle, but very cool. looking real good, especially for a gamejam game!

Great job!

Congrats on your first Unity game!
Obviously pretty simplistic, but those hotdogs looked and moved real nice so I kept clicking.
Horrifying but appropriate choice of picture. Well done!

Great idea, and good execution!
I just played by myself but found it pretty engrossing right away (didn't finish a song though, almost!). Hard to tell my progress, but it was just fast enough that I didn't have time to worry about it.
Very slick opening scene (photo fading in, title text overstamp, good choice of font), I really dug that.
Nice job!

=) Very charming indeed, and great sound!

Will you by any chance be releasing the source code? I'd love to learn how you did your superb voxels!

Thanks to all for playing and rating so far!

To jwang19's point, there were definitely some performance issues that became more apparent as you do better in the game (turns out reflowing layout on each leaving audience member callback maybe not sustainable).

I've directly addressed those performance concerns in an update I just pushed, and it definitely is running smoother. Plus, there's a weird Chrome bug(?) that makes the leaving audience members kinda flash a little before disappearing. So that's neat. Safari still hates gigantic spritesheets, so I've noted on the game page that it works best on Chrome/Firefox.

Also found and fixed an issue where you couldn't actually win if you got to 500Million. =) Not surprised no one found that (yet).

@joystickhero: Thanks for playing and especially thanks for commenting!

And you're not definitely alone in being confused about the phrase effects. All through testing I wasn't always sure exactly what would happen, but I made peace with it by knowing that 1) all the info is there by hovering each audience (which is tedious and not intended to be played that way, but it's possible) and 2) the replay value comes from the quirkiness and fun of the random phrases. =) Which I'm super glad to hear you enjoyed! Thanks again.