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Aw, thanks! 

Also, they were simply generated as M4A files. There are M4A/MP3 converters out there though.

Thank you!

Hell yeah, my boy Boyd getting his own game.

Even demons from the pits of Hades love Beyblade.

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Played the game (and beat it), but I have a question; why is there little to no music in your games? Don't get me wrong; the ambience is great, but a bit of music wouldn't hurt.

Also plan on making models for this game too. Already have finished up Morton, and am working on Eda right now. 


Absolutely gorgeous.


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Of course! Simply credit me as the original composer.

This is much appreciated as someone who doesn’t really know much about copyright. Thank you! ❤️

They're free licensed...if that's even a word. If I'm completely honest, I don't know much about copyright laws and such and such. I just make music.

Consider me following. 👀

I’d also like to add that I wished the main ending was different. Here’s my idea.

Junior jokes about the Woman At The Door, they laugh it off and begin to walk away. Suddenly, the Woman At The Door* walks through the door behind them and grabs Mama, like the one infamous scene from The Exorcist 3 (or the Black Christmas remake, if you’ve seen THAT mess of a movie… 🙄) Smash cut to black.

* (Who, yeah, would probably just be a crossdressing, thicc version of The Man, whatever he looks like. 🤷)

So Junior’s a psychic then?

Hey. Swirls here. I heavily enjoyed this game; so much that I decided to recreated Mama’s model. She’s truly a wonderful mother too. ❤️

If you have a Twitter handle, I’d love to follow you on it. 👀