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Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to take this into consideration! This is my first game so I am still learning.

A lot of people have had trouble with this and I'm trying to fix it! I am so sorry!

sorry about that. This is my first time doing something like this. Sorry!

Fun Game! I had a hard time actually surviving because there were a lot of enemies.  The menu was bugged in the browser and could not download the game. You may need to put everything in the build in a zip file. 

Looks really good! Has a lot of potential! Good work!

Ok thanks! I'll try to fix that.

The sign at the very begging takes away from the spooky atmosphere.  

Absolutely amazing game! the music is a bit repetitive and it doesn't really fit spooky. But the game is super fun! Amazing gameplay! This feels like it could be a full game release!

Fun Game! the soundtrack is good and the gameplay is fun!

Really fun game! The music is great and the visuals look really good!

A pretty hard game. I had a hard time telling when I would die because it looks like I would not hit a wall and did anyway. Can barely hear the music because of how many times I died

Awesome game! The music gave it a calming but ominous atmosphere and with closing in shadows made me pretty creeped out.

Fun game! visuals look great! And a great concept for gameplay! A couple small problems are you can see the grey background outside of the wall background and the third puzzle was pretty hard due to the physics in the game. Otherwise a great game.