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Enjoyed it! Take a peek if you got some time. Thank you! 

One of the best short horror games I have had the pleasure of playing. Check it out! 

loved it.

Just played it and had a good time with it. I know its old but I would of loved to see this expanded apon. 

loved it man! would definetly play more! 

The Black Rose community · Created a new topic Loved it!

loved it! 

Loved it Matt! would love to see this expanded on.

Had some fun....Got Murder by a Mannequin...DOPE!

This was awesome! As a big fan of Condemed this game gave me those vibes highly, I'd love to see more. Thank You!

This game was amazing! Thank you for creating such a great experiance!

This game was amazing! The atmosphere was great and intense! The game left my hands sweaty and a little shakey. Thank You!

Absolutly loved it! For such a short time that they had, they did a great job! Iv now seen three people actually jump from this! Thank You!

This was a amazing experience that I greatly wish to see more of. The atmosphere was hypnotizing and beautiful, yet haunting. Please bring more!

I had a blast playing this. It was awesome!