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Hey, that's our game for this jam 

We would be glad to get your feedback! We'll rate your game as well. Thanks in advance!

Hey! That's our team's game,  it will be nice if you check it out!

Thank you for the comment! Guess, the game will get some updates after the jam’s end, so our team will be glad to use your list of improvements

Thank you for your comment! We’re glad you’ve liked the game! We’ll  think about additional game instructions.

А главное, что бабушка нами довольна

Nice game! Even though there’s a lack of contrast in the color theme, which causes some troubles with player’s vision, i still like these colors of autumn evening idk. I’ve really enjoyed the process of playing. It takes some time to understand how it works, but after that you don’t want to quit the game. Good job!

Hi! That’s my game, hope you’ll enjoy it. Thanks in advance! I’ll try yours as well:)

That's really awesome! I didn't have any serious lags, only a bit frizzy movement, but it didn't affect the gameplay. The game is so beautiful, all the models are very cute and the characters look almost like toys, which makes the visual style as pretty as it is. I enjoyed the process of making drinks, even though i've messed up the queue of actions. Music and sound effects are nice too, especially the sound which plays when customers talk. There's just two things that caused some questions actually. The first one is camera position, it seems like the player's view is situated too low and it can be a bit uncomfortable. The other thing is the lightning. Actually it is very beautuful, but in some places it feels like it is kinda too vivid in some places, but maybe the fault is in unreal's light mode itself. Anyways, the game is pretty cool! Thank you for making it, that's one of my favorites on this jam!

Such a nice game! I like the visual part so much, it is really cozy and sweet. Characters are charming as well, especially the first visitor. The only thing is that there are some questionable interface moments like lack of names of ingredients in the mini-game, cause personally i was trying to understand whether the brown powder was cinnamon or not for several minutes. Anyways, the game is really very good, I enjoyed playing it! Good job!

Hi! Your game is really awesome, I’ve played it today and rated your entry a few moments ago.  
If you’re interested, here’s my game, hope you like it! Thanks in advance!

Hi! I’ve played your game and it was pretty cool experience. The story is really well-written and with a little more polish (sound effects, fonts combinations) it can be even better. Maybe it would be great to give more choice options to the player if it doesn’t break the flow of the story. Anyways, the game is really nice and  that’s truly a unique entry. Well done!

Thank you for such a constructive feedback, we really appreciate it! We’ll keep working on this project, so all that you’ve pointed out is very helpful for us

Hello! Thanks for playing. We were actually concentrated on the plot and aesthetics, so we’re glad, that you’d liked it!

Hi! Hope you’ll like it! Thank you in advance!

Hi! Hope you will like it! Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot! Nice to hear that you’ve liked it!

Hope you like it!

Oh, that’s ok! After the end of jam we’ll upload a build for Mac, so keep in touch if you’re interested in it in some ways;)

Hi! Hope you will like it! Thank you in advance !

Such an inspiring comment! Thank you a lot for it, I’ll show it to my team!

We’re glad you’ve liked it!

Hope you like it! Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot!

Nice game! It was very relaxing to play it and I really liked the graphics. Thank you for such a pleasant experience!

Hi! Very nice game! The choice of topic representation is quite unusual. The overall atmosphere of the game is very cute, I really liked it!

It would be great If you play our game! Hope you like it, thank you in advance!

I liked the game and really enjoyed playing it! The visual part is awesome: I liked the color palette that you’ve used and all those low-poly models are so pretty. And I was actually chilling through all the game process, it is rather meditative

Hope you like it!

Nice game, I liked playing it. I would add more fun functions like watching Dragon Ball, cause they give players more space to choice what to do. And maybe some new recipes would look good either. Talking about graphics,  actually, for the first 3D game it is a very satisfying result!

That’s such a sweet game! I Ike the art style so much, it is so cozy, soft and warm. Very atmospheric project, good job !

It would be great if you stream our game too! Thank you in advance!

Really nice game! I really like the visual part, it looks so warm and cozy. The gaming process was quite chilling as well. Good job!

Thank you for playing!

Hope you like it! Thank you in advance!

Hi again! We've just uploaded a new build so you can play our game if you still want to!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you in advance!

I actually have a very similar problem. There's a bug in my game which crushes scenes' transitions and doesn't allow you to move to the other scene after the first mini game. We've aleready fixed the problem in a new build but as we can't upload it to the site till the end of the voting, no one can actually play it. That's sad cosidering the fact how much effort the development process took

Hello! Thanks for playing. There’s no extra step, that’s the build’s bug, which crashes the transition between scenes. We’ve found out that problem only after uploading, so I’m sorry for that