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Levelhead is for Platformers though. SDM is specifically top-down adventure style.

seems to be an interesting game, but the randomization of it all can have you stuck, sometimes right at the beginning. My first few playthroughs I rolled the first corridor, and then rolled a 5 for the end feature. 5 is a locked door. Locked doors can only be opened with keys. But I found a locked door before I found a key, so... either I'm misunderstanding how to play, or I was just stuck and the game ended before it could begin.

Very interesting game. One small issue though:
On each of the Card Lists, at the bottom, there is a 1 card(on every list it is "Learn a new skill*"). But there is no "1" card in a standard deck of cards. 

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OK, the instructions should be clearer then, because it was a wild guess, and even so I thought it was wrong because of the unavailable numbers on the chart. If you do a reprint with a correct chart, a suggestion would be to also give what I accidentally figured out as an example., so as to not confuse anyone.

"Please ignore the unavailable numbers!" - I don't know, this feels like a waste. Perhaps there's something else you could do with them? There's 21 entries that are unable to be used via the 2d6 method described. I'd hate to be just simply discarding them.

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Hi! I just bought a printed copy on Amazon and it looks very nice! I have a question though. How do you use the Small Finds chart on page 46? Heading says "D66 SMALL FINDS"(even though clearly there are not 66 entries when the chart starts at #11), and the subtext instructions only say 

"Roll two d6 and combine the numbers"

I don't understand how you are supposed to only use 2 D6 for a chart like this. I first thought "Well it says you roll 2 d6 and combine them, so if I roll say... a 1 and a 3. that could be 13." That seemed to be the only thing that made sense to get numbers bigger than you could by just adding the results(which, with 2d6 can only be as high as 12). But I don't think that's right either, because doing that would not work for every entry in the chart. It would only work for 11-16, 21-26, 31-36, 41-46, 51-56, and 61-66. The numbers between would be impossible to get results for in that fashion.  So I need some help and clarification with using it.

Excellent job on such a simple yet slightly addicting game! I feel like this would also be a good fit for mobile, as simple as the controls are.

Thanks so much!

Yes. Please. That would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Is there a back image to use, for printing them?

Love it! And I totally agree with KeronCyst - this would be great for mobile, and I would totally purchase it if it released for Android.