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this game had some intresting elements i wish we had more alien horror in this style/genre to cool!

the final game i played for this video i had so much fun with some of the scares in this! the monster design was super sick too

this is the second game i played in this video and it has such a vibe the sound design and astetic is great! 

had such a blast with this one in the opener of the video!

this game built so much tension and dread the narritive really hit home ,

and kinda played on some primal human/childhood fears i loved it! well done!

had a blast with this one!

the killer in this game is terrifying! one of the best games ive played in a bit the atmosphere is great, sound and graphics 10/10

i had a pretty good time with this one, over all i give it a 7 out of 10 go check it out! some really good scares and good mechanics, and if you like the video plz sub it means alot. huge shout out to the dev this one was great 

this one was a jam for sure liked it alot! 

loved this one ! 

i had such a good time with this one!

tune up your chainsaws boys and girls 

all i can say is the part with the ashes got me so good, mad props i love this universe and also the movies and this is such a great addition 10/10 one of my fav games ever 

this has such a build and great back story i had a blast its a great looking game 

love the idea of this and the new lore and universe surrounding this now! 

the ending alone is worth it go check it out!

i didnt know what to expect going into this one but it really nailed the silent hill vibe and feel and sound design, i highly rec


this was such a well done game 10/10! had a blast they really nailed the vibes

yooo all i can say is this was great!! it got me a few times and the art style is dope i wnna see a fully fleshed out 2-3 hour game based on this idea

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*spoier warning!!! i managed to play the last game first cause im dumb but so far this is a great little game and expereiance