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there is ALIENS!! in them hills i can smell them Raven says go check it out 

i give it a solid 7/10 on atmosphere alone! raven says go check it out!

the scene in the gas station with the lights off was insane the sound design was top notch! i just want more now, Raven says 8/10 go check it out and check out my video!

this is a great entry in the scp universe, one of the better scp games for sure. if you want more info check out my video!

this game is a slow burn in the best ways possible if you watch till the end of my video you will see what i mean. Raven says 7/10! wanted it to be longer go check it out ! 

the graphics and point of view in this game is nuts it reallly added to the found footage feel! Raven says go check it out!

this game was a nice entry to the scp universe 10/10! raven says go check it out! 

the jump scares in this one are pretty good Raven reccomends!

overall this was such a blast sound design and jump scares alone are worth it go check it out! im so excited to see this devs next game!

wooo the graphics in this one are great its like watching some crazy body cam footage and the gun recoil is great too! i say check this one out

The twist In “Setting” for this game was to good lol good little adventure Raven says check it out!

using the camera flash as a light source is shear terror 10/10 short and to the point it builds dread well!

all i can say is wow, this game has such a feeling of dread the sound design makes you jump at every door creak daniel buckley you outdid yourself with that ending aswell! 10/10 keep them coming guys download this game and check it out for yourself

this game had some great lighting and sound design! good scares to be had aswell go check it out!

if you guys are fans of the evil dead franchise and love horror comedy then 616 games knocks this one out of the park keep them coming!

this game does such a good job of building dread and terror with sound design, Raven says go check it out if you like caves and like exploring

i played this going in blind and i have never been so excited for such an unsettling an creepy game, part of my 3 scary games series i was so bummed this was just a demo, Raven says go check it out i want more!!!!! 

this evoked a weird primal fear in me and chills i played this in my latest 3 scary games video and it was by far the scariest of the 3 Raven says go check it out and show the dev some love !

played this one in my lateset 3 scary games video and i mist say 616 games only keeps getting better the premise and writing was great!

no way 🤣 I didn’t even notice that’s so cool lol 

i played this live on stream this game oozes tension and horror vibes the art style is a 10/10 in my book aswell , i cant wait to see what this dev does next they have a bright but also horror filled future!

this is a quirky fun meta kinda game i may play it again to make sure i didnt miss anything!

i came i saw and i defeated squidward live on stream here is the replay had an absolute blast 

a love letter to haunted ps1 style games i cant say how well thought out and done this game is so heres my take on it!

this game is such a mystery i love it first part here

the bad ben mythos is amazing im so glad someone brought it into game form! go check this one out corpsepile did such a great job 

this is one of the most unsettling games i have played ina while too good!

this game is worth the ending alone do yourself a favor and go check it out!

this one kept me guessing! my name is raven and i play scary games and hang out on youtube 

locked overnight in a mannequin factory - YouTube

i dont think i have ever plaed a game like this before it is such a cool take on horror!

as someone who actually has had dreams of abduction this is a very wild game, my name is raven and i play scary games and occasionally guitar on my channel

texture and lighting in this game are great!

lixian has outdone himself again this game really builds the tension! my name is raven and i play horror games and occasionally guitar on my yt channel anyone wanna share the video to help me get to 1000 subs? thanks for watching!

shadow over rt 80 is such a wild ride i had alot of fun with this one dont forget to check out the multiple ENDINGS!!!

allin all

all in all a solid game that is a throw back to point and click adventures 8/10! more please

scp 087 has a whole vibe about it i love the scp lore i just wish it was longer I WANT  MORE!!! 

thanks for the reply! let me know if you have anything else cool in the works and we can colab

thank you for making cool stuff!