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loving the game...but ive hit a nasty snag... when i watch the "rescue me" concert i get stuck in an endless loop of the song! if i hit the done button it just disapears and the song goes on. help

.....there's a maid uniform event? I haven't had that one.

Ive completed the story. Done the temple island events, and I can't figure out how to trigger these scenes. She just keeps saying she doesn't know what to do with the crystal...also having trouble finding the 3rd and threesome scene with hellhound...there the only cgs I have left!!! Lol

Thanks for the tips progressed a bit further in the game and the issues resolved themselves. My habbit of trying to do every side quest prior to the main plot caused trouble for me


I'm having trouble with the relationships with these two characters. For ryoko I can't get her next scene to trigger. I've raised her relationship as much as it will let me and gone to the stronghold but I can't get anything to happen. I have gotten chiho past the scene with the dragonic girl and found her sister but I can't get the kissing scene or anything past that. What am I missing