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the ramble man

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maybe add a route when Dan get's in on the action or something like that

oh ok

what is BC- Episode Reno. Is that a side story to Before Crisis?

ok thanks

how would you level skip?

it's random each time you get caught by an enime 

ok thanks, oh yea one of the scens with the green enemy doesn't show up in the gallary

does the download next to "name your own price" come with all the levels or just the demo levels?

I thought it was the maidbot character.

oh damn, from a distance it looked like something else. my bad

I saw it with the glimps of my eye while watching someone play the game


ok, still nice to know

Are the feather projectiles still in the game if so what level do you get them from and what key on the keyboard activates it?

how do you use the bag or what stage do you get the bag from

ok thanks but it seemed to have done it with out me doing anything

how do you overwrite?

how would you overwrite the game file

thank you. the game is pretty enjoyable

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while playing the game this poped up