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this definitely deserved to have won the Stem Game Challenge

Finally got to playing this after seeing your youtube channel, (thanks for telling me about it). a very good game, well beyond indie game standards. I first tried playing this on my potato laptop, there is just a few too many shaders and motion blur for it to handle. But now on a decent computer, i can say that this game is better than most other indie games. This also gave me a sneakpeak at what Rocky Thoroughfare is gonna be like.

this is very fun to play, i would love to see you update it but ill doubt you will. if you were making it a rouge lite could break its monotonous feel, but after 2-3 hours of playing it (on and off) I still find it enjoyable each time.  

there's a bug with the start screen where all the buttons/text boxes are all grouped together. other than that it's a promising prototype, maybe add an option menu for in-game where you can tone down the chromatic abbreviation, and add it in when you press the option button.

nice megabytes

The controls remind me of Parking Mania, : )

that game was good

the win32 doesn't have MonoBleedingEdge, I think that's why people are having problems running it, download the 64 if possible

pogo stick pog

you have to pay 5 bucks

nice. beans


nice prototype, cant wait to see the full game in a couple of years :)

please don't play this, its not finished and (probably ) never will be 

i cannot wait to puchurse this on steam, this is really good, a few more scenarios and you could sell this for around 20-30 dollars.

this is the amazon jungle