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Ariel, the polyglot lion

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mmm this was very relaxing and inviting. But you forgot the 7th way to not make a video game: tool around making endless prototypes in RPG maker and then inevitably get bored 5 hours in

rumpi! me encanta! excelente como siempre <3

omg i love this so much! it's so interesting to hear about all this. it weirdly woke up these memories of like... growing up with videogames at a time when the internet was still a mysterious place. it feels like there was this vast collective consciousness of rumours and hacks and misunderstandings of videogames that permeated our brains at the time but is foreign to children growing up now.



conversely, i find space terrifying

good food for thought.... om nom

love it


it looks like

I Enjoyed Playing This Game But Didn't Get To Smooch The Count

this is so cute! i read bits of it out loud. i would love to voiceact this if it was in a performance or game or something lol

wow this was a sucker punch that i was not expecting. i really love the use of simple twine effects. it's very minimal and serves the story perfectly!

love this! very cute and personal

¡Rumpelcita! Me gustó mucho esta obra. Y la música añade a la atmósfera sin ser molesta.

bitch... you took me there

disappointment is an artistic statement

or maybe i just didn't think to do it until i'd made the game and was too lazy to add it lol

now this... is good shit

wow i love this! rly innovative narrative flow and use of simple but effective imagery

i literally drew objects and then google searched relevant dril tweets.


rest in peace

i don't wanna know how long this took lol

lmao i love this

is this the one that was made at now play this? shame it's windows only

haha no it's cool! i'm aware it's possible i'm just probably not gonna do it myself cause it's not my style. i'm pretty lazy with bitsy lol.

aww ty! idk how you'd even do a gameover in bitsy :P


oh this is cute!

can't believe i got vored by an eggplant

thank you!

ths is good shit

i like this

more like, good opinions dot jpeg

ok but this is rlly good

oh i thought the manifesto was actually the jpg

haha nice

lmao this is fun

i really like this! though im not sure if 'reputation system' belongs on 'THINGS TO DO' because i've never seen it not implemented in a bland, numbers-crunchy way


writing poems is selfish


i never thought of it that way but it's true

i love these