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LOVED this! I'd really like to see a longer version of this! (Glad you can't die in the lava!!)

Got 8060! Great little game, loved dialogue that the people say while attacking you!

That was... interesting


Love it so much!!!!! Beat normal mode and have almost beat hard mode!!!

no. just no. that is all so wrong on so many levels

I glitched through the wall half way through the game and had to restart.

Simple, yet amazing! Would love to see VR incorporated into it!!!! That would add another entire level of amazement to it! 

Made it to level six!

Great game! I noticed one problem though, when you press the red button, go through the gate, and press the next button it does not reset the timer! Hope you keep up making these amazing games!!

Amazing game! Loved the graphics and overall concept. Hope you continue it!