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Great - good to hear :D Thanks a lot for playing!

Thanks! And your game was a treat - a perfect little adventure game. The puzzles were so well designed!

Thanks a lot! Yeah, it's also inspired by that stuff. Enki Bilal and Moebius. We made a couple of chapters and a full length game in the same universe.

Thanks :) I do too :D

Mange tak! Ja det er ganske kort. Nok det korteste af de 4 episoder. Ville være fedt at lave et langt adventure spil engang :)

Yeah.. the lands of lore :D Hope to bring you many more chapters over the years :) Thank you!

Thanks alot - I appreciate it :)

Thank you! And thanks alot for the let's play :) 

Thanks a lot :) we are making the fourth chapter right now. We will hopefully release it next week, if all goes well.  We made a full length (5 hour) simulation game in the same universe called Mind Scanners.

Yeah, why not. But if it becomes commercial, then please ask again :)

Thanks! Yeah, this was my first game. Also my favorite. Im happy you liked it!

Thank you! And yes, indeed there is. I haven't done any since 2019, but there will be an episode coming in 2021 :)

Dont know Rusty Lake, but Village is definitely in there :)

Thank you - and you are totally right about contrasts :)

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Thanks! This is true - I will make a note a correct things like this whenever I get time to make a remaster of the series :)

Thanks a lot :)

Yeah! The mystery unfolds :) Happy you liked the ending.

Thank you for the let's play :D

Hah - try it :D

Tusind tak for din fine kommentar - og tak fordi du spillede :)

Ja det er en svær balance med sværhedsgraden i et point-and-click spil. Den gamle generation vil ofte have det endnu mere komplekst, men jeg synes nu også det er sjovest med lette puzzles :)

Jeg sigter helt klart efter at få blandet historierne sammen. Der er et par ting der løber på tværs af de første tre episoder, men det bliver der mere af fremover. Jeg har travlt med at færdiggøre Mind Scanners, men derefter vil jeg se om ikke jeg kan få tid til at lave et par episoder mere :)

Igen mange tak!


Thank you!! There are two other episodes: 1: Cyborg Seppuku and 3: Fleshworms. I hope to make many more :)

Oh thank  you :) I'm happy you liked it. The next game in line has 4 maps, but then I went back to 2 again for the third. Or actually its sort of only 1 room :) 

Thanks! I hoped that would be surprising :) Glad it worked!

Thanks a lot!

Good :D

Thanks a lot :) And thank you for playing!

I'm happy you liked it :) There are three chapters in the series so far (second is The Goat Crone). I hope to make many more, but right now I am working on a bigger game set in the same universe.

Thank you :)

Thanks a lot :) I hope to make many more chapters. Right now I am working on a bigger project in the same world.

Hi. Thank you for your message. To be honest, I haven't tested it on Linux, and I don't have a Linux fix. Sorry! I thought it ran without problems. I'm sad to hear that it does not. I have removed "executable for Linux" now. Hope you will be able to play it via Windows some day. 



Thank you :) I also want to return to The Structure in another episode. My next game Mind Scanners (psychiatry sim) will also be set in the cyberpunk metropolis.

Thanks a lot! And thank you for doing a let's play :)

I am also eager to make the next chapter, but I'm currently spending all my time making a psychiatry simulator in the same universe called "Mind Scanners". 

Thank you :)

Oh thank you :D

I am happy to hear that - thank you for playing and for the video :)

Thanks a lot for another great lets play Cryptic! I'll make another episode for you this year I hope :)

nothing beats solving infuriating puzzles :D your words warms my hardworking developer heart - thank you!