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I’ve enjoyed this game way too much. So I decided to speedrun this game. If you have any interest in checking out the leaderboard check it out here

(speedrunning this game is really fun)

I removed 2 of the lower-rated submissions to give other participants a fair playing field. So that the results are fair and equal.

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Wow! This turned out really good! The text rendering engine is a really cool aesthetic to the game.

Also, my main point of criticism is that there is a lack of sound design. Maybe incorporate some music or sound effects.

Cool game concept, it turned out really good!

Hello Everyone! Due to a poll on our discord (and a few complaints), we will be extending the submission period to midnight, October 5th (or 24 hours)

It should be on the Jam Page

You are allowed to use whatever engine you want, as long as your submission follows the guidelines set in the rules

Hey all! Due to a lot more people participating than I expected, I have a discord server for participants of this jam! Join Here

For now, no. But if we get enough people signed up, we might make one.

If you have any jam-related questions, ask them in this thread.