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I can't get this to work with my logitech controller

You'll find the solution if you look at the giraffe puzzle from the other side of the window.

I retired and started a new life, but I can't figure out how to get the pretty pots from the photos

I think if I find certain recipes, I shouldn't have to remember them all and tediously  go through them again when I forget

Really well designed and would be well suited for an endless mode

Lovely game <3

is too dorlors now o.o

Don't worry, I found out how to make it way worse, and now it can't display how many coins I have


Omg this is such a great game :D I can't wait to see more!!

I can now have a crowd every -400 meters :D

Thank you for this game, I enjoyed killing my player :)

The fire one is 100,000 but it takes an hour to get 20,000. Is there a better way to do this

Amazing game, I just wish it were harder or took longer to beat

Nvm, I got i

I've tried to play this game five times, how do I put her on the ladder?

What do I do after I take off the bottom of the skirt? I put everything together already

Okay I'm a moving brain, where are the enemies?


I've been playing cookie clicker for two years, but I never thought it could be improved this much

I don't know what a quiche is, and now I don't think I ever will

I got all of three to hate me :) Such fun

Mean -.';

Is level four supposed to be possible

It took me three months on and off to beat level three, but I did it

nomnom meow meow meow <3

I just don't understand how those icons correlate to how well I'm doing, or what each thing to click on would change

I have no Idea what's happening, nor how to figure it out

I've been starting to do random things, and still can't figure out the sword

I meant to put a smile :)

Pretty game :

This would be a lot more pleasant if I could use the scroll wheel or right mouse button to turn the cards, but great game in general <3

This game is super fun, but it's too short to be really enjoyable

I'm happy for you, bro <3

This was wayy cuter than I thought it was going to be :)

Is there a special way to kill the sharks, or do I just need more damage?

Please let me drag the thingies farther, I keep having to undo everything

This is a really great game, and I hope to see more of it :)

Nvm, rubber is just super deep

Why have I never seen one piece of rubber? Is there a special thing I need to do