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... but I came out really enjoying it! The controls are easy and the kicking is not a hassle. I never glitched, got stuck anywhere, or had any trouble with the clipping so that's already an automatic 5/10.

The storyline is short, simple, and sweet, and it fits the tone perfectly of what the game was trying to do. The dialogue was humorous, and the beats for the dialogue boxes were spot on.

My only real qualm with it is the ending. I will come back to this in the spoiler part below!

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I wanted more from this game. I was really hooked! (and I almost missed dinner) I really look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for the future! <3

Overall, I'm no game critic, but I'd give it a 7-8/10. Really solid, fun game.

Spoilers past this part!

The ending felt rushed, and even though it went for funny, I feel as if there could have been a final battle with Mr. Sunshine, or have the kick happen inside of the volcano instead of outside. I think that's where my suspension of belief was really tested and it just didn't work for me, sorry! I did appreciate the callback to the ghost and the option to tell the rebels that you "kicked him into space".