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TABS, but with FPS controls!

Utter joy to play. Had alot of fun, and my series is almost over.... thank you very much for uploading this game!

This was... mind melting. Seriously.

What on earth did you make here?

No worries. Send me a message on my channel and I'll revisit it and try to spread the love. I'm intrigued with where this 'could' go.

I take it there was more to enjoy? How lame... I was hoping there was more than just about 4-6 minutes worth of game there. Maybe I'll revisit it again later.

You are welcome! Had fun, there was enough variety to keep me going for a fair bit. More would have been better, but for a simple ltitle game it did it's job nicely!

Gave it a go as part of my 12 days of

Had fun, although I think I broke the game near the end

I cannot describe how amazing this game is. Play it, it's funny and educ

What a fun game, I was actually very sad that I managed to beat it. I strongly suggest you folks play it and support this dev, had a blast making this vid

Interesting game, had a lot of fun deciding the fates of people. Good work

This little game was... interesting to play. Tried to see what all it offered, had a bit of a blast. Wish it had more going for it.

Gave it a whirl... had alot of fun doing it. Gonna play one game a day, and will post my exploits on this site. Keep up the updates... hopefully this continues to get serious love!