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Weirdest experience I had in a videogame 5/5

Hey, just finished playing the demo, which I beat in 40 minutes. I really loved the original soundtrack and sound design, especially those creepy sounds the static silhouettes make. I found it interesting how you managed to make them scary without the need of making them violent or grotesque. I also love the lack of guidance and how attentive you have to be to manage your way around. What I didn't like, is the cutscene after the first chase. I felt like the creature's animations weren't intimidating enough, but maybe there's a reasoning behind this. Overall, it was an interesting experience and didn't take long until I got caught up!

I loved it. :) Really inspiring.

Really nice environment for a game. Loved the overall tone and colors you've chosen!

I sure will! :D

Muscle World inspired me so much I decided to make a short game inspired by the feelings it gave me. I will play it again for sure. Thank you so much.

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Played 2 hour straight without knowing I could turn the camera with the mouse. I feel so stupid. But, well, this game is very intriguing. I can say I enjoyed it more than I expected.
Edit: I finally finished the game after 5 hours. I loved it. What a masterpiece.

After dying so many times I can finally say I now have the protagonist's expression.

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 Amazing work, love the sound quality and the option to lock parameters.
I will be using this tool instead of BFXR from now on.

Loved it! Very nice work. Good writing and story !

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

Really enjoyed this game.

Had a good time with this game, really cool.

This game lasts only 2 minutes. You're warned.