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I'm glad you got jizzed!

I really enjoyed it! Very good music, art and visual effects

thanks, that was the idea at the start but decided to make marking non automatic precisely to make people suffer!

I would LOVE to see this ported to Godot 4

I'm glad you like, Yames!!
Means a lot, your stuff is amazing

that can happen if you tested a tile you already tested, but I'm not aware if that mechanic is bugged! I'll test a little and see if I manage to replicate that


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I have already identified the bug!
Fixed for V5 soon

Edit: V5 now available to download!!

i'm glad you like!!

hmm, this is strange! no main menu?
v1 had an issue with an infinite load screen but it's fixed now

thanks a lot!!!!
i'm happy the dialogue is funny
i had a lot of fun making it

I'm super happy you liked it so much!
Hopefully an expanded/remade version of the game will come in the future

sorry, coming soon, i worded the tweet like an idiot
give me a couple of days

I'm glad you liked!! Those are awesome combinations! <3

I'm really happy it managed to inspire you!!

this was actually really good! really atmospheric and immersive, I loved how it ended... I am a fan of deserted, haunted looking landscapes like these

i'd love to make an mmo with this thematic... the game was kinda inspired in the feel i get from some mmos!
yeah, the jester suit had some culling issues, it's not Wine :-)


Thanks so much for playing!!

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Thanks you so much for such a long and detailed comment! I'm considering the things you said a lot. I liked how the lack of up/down angle made me feel when replaying the game, so I experimented with it in the expanded/remade version to allow the player to have a better angle while still restricting them a little.

About the walking speed, I increased it for the expanded version and added a way to fly faster horizontally after collecting enough orbs to "level up", which advances the growth of the wings (another feature). Also, since the new map is bigger, I had to tweak the gravity, flying and jump height a lot to make controlling the fairy more dynamic and comfortable! The fairy feels a lot lighter, maybe like a bug would.

I know what you mean when you say you are a masochist gamer, haha. A lot of my game design choices come from the idea that part of the experience also comes from learning to handle "jank" or mechanics that work in a very specific and not intuitive way. I enjoy those things in games so I often add them consciously. Of course, I always expect people to criticize them and I think that's valid and helps me understand better what I want to keep and what I want to improve/make less tedious.

Thanks a lot for this, it always helps me move forward and like what I do!

haha, I tried to make their sound pleasant but eerie! thanks!

Hi, thanks a lot! An extended version is in the works :D

I'll make sure to prevent this from happening in the expanded version of the game :) I think the limit could be 1.98, so technically you got them all

omg! thanks a lot for this, it made my day! really good criticism and great points. I will make sure to implement coyote time in the expanded/remade version (i'm really used to it too, but had no time to add it or didn't think of prioritizing it)

also I loved the fact that you managed to break the jump/fly mechanic! that's impressive and I had no idea it was a thing

and yeah, silk is definitely the denim of the fairy world

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thanks a lot! it was meant to be slightly unsettling, but still allowing for a chill experience :) I'm working on expanding the project in the future, with a focus on leaning on those types of vibes (the unsettling ones)

lovely choices!! <3


damn, what happened on the title menu, haha! thanks a lot for the gameplay <3

oh, it's not! im already interested in expanding this game at some point in the future

I'd love to!

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woah! thanks a lot for the detailed feedback, this will help a lot! I wasn't aware of the deadzone issues, I think I'm using default deadzones that Unity has configured !

I totally understand what you mean about not really telling if a bug has been opened or not from the distance, it happened to me while testing but it was  too late to make changes.. I'll make sure to fix that one if I end up expanding the game!

I'm glad you liked it!

thank you so much!! <3

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thank you so much!! i thought about letting the player look up/down, but decided to leave it out to experiment and ended up building everything with that limitation in mind.. my main focus was making it feel like a chill exploration game, inspired by my experience with a game called Tchia, so I love that it was chill <3

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thanks so much! I'm glad you like it :D I wish I had more time to polish and extend the game more, but I think I'm happy with the result :) also, thanks so much for writing about it, you made my day!

regarding the issues you talked about, I originally intended the game to be played with one stick or the d-pad (preferably with the later, since having the joystick be used to walk and rotate can get tedious) Thanks for mentioning that, I might add controls for rotating with the right joystick in a future update, and fix the door interaction issues!

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Sorry, I forgot to add the interaction button to the control guide for playing with keyboard! You can interact with the strange figure pressing the F key :)

thank you so much!

hey! Just played a little bit of it and I must say it's really fun! I like how dynamic and juicy every action feels, and how mechanics are introduced with enemies :) I played with both mouse and controller, and found out that the controller makes it way easier to shoot than the mouse! it gets difficult relatively quickly, but not in a frustrating way... I think it's a prototype worth expanding and can get really addictive

still a very interesting bug! it gives a lot of unsettling vibes

I like this type of slower, more tactical shooter! Lots of stuff to do, and I love its immersive sim aspects. The vibes are great. I love the scenery, reminded me of some indie shooters I used to play when I was a kid... The movement speed may be too slow for me.