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I loved every second of this game! I split my video into 2 parts as there is so much to cover. I have a lot of questions about the 2nd half, but enjoyed the ride fully, nonetheless. The code to the 2nd combo lock did not appear to work, but I ended up in a crazy cycle of cannibals & chaos. I found a paper with a symbol and have no idea what to do with it. Every time I closed and reopened my lighter something new happened. Do you have future plans for Trapped? It's incredibly fascinating! 

No YOU are ;-)

I really enjoyed your game and can't wait for more! The back and forth between the realm of the dead was a creative way to approach puzzles. I love a good jump scare and you had some quality ones! I enjoyed the art style. I also had sympathy for the family, even without much backstory for them. Really looking forward to more from you. 

Honestly one of my new favorites! I will recommend this to all! I thoroughly enjoyed the jumpscares. Once I finished screaming, I laughed til I cried. I would love to see more like this. Thank you for a creepy and hilarious game!