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Thanks!! I'm glad you ejoyed it.

I wrote some code trying make it work on different layouts and tried to design arround the difficulties. But yes, the concept could fail with some keyboards (-_-メ)

I suspect the game is not behaving the way it is supposed. Just starting the tutorial there are some texts with half of the letters outside the screen. It reads "QE etween cameras" and "WAS Movemen". ¿Maybe is a FOV or aspect ratio problem? Also when moving to the area outside that camera, I tried the other cameras and my character wasn't visible from any of them ¿wrong FOV again?. Moving randomly I managed to see my character in the camera that shows the first enemy but found that I couldn't move in a straight line and turns behave weirdly. Some camera-space to world-space conversion problem. Hope it helps.


I had fun playing this one :-D

Perfectly meets the rules and it's playable. Had some trouble understanding the current state of the game, but in the end it was part of the fun. I think applying the fishing concept to this jam is a great idea. Nice work.

· Maximum minimalism.

· One pixel resolution.

· Two colors.

· No sound.

· No instructions.

· Only a title and a finishable game.

Made for 1 bit jam (no bending rules and no manual challenge)