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Playing through the game now and its the only one im missing xD im wondering what small choice that i no longer have a save for did i fuck up to miss out on it

I'll go with #3

Wait, it seems to me the two systems are pretty well tied to each other.  Why seperate the gameplay from the reward. Like having a maze but at the end it kicks you out into an empty parking lot xD

oh neat, was fun :3

sounds good take you time :3

neat, lewd battle simulator excellent, wonder if we will get a special scene if we lose... will probably just keel over but perhaps xD

shit... SHIT that was waaaaaay better then i thought it would be wow! still a few things im missing like ambers second tent event, hopefully its coming later and i didnt just miss it haha but that was really good!

also barbaras secret prank have yet to figure that one out, could use more hutao but man good job

oof sorry about the knee, glad it was just a sprain. I've dislocated mine before not a good time so give it plenty of rest. Damn you shitty human knees keeping me from my smut!

quite enjoy this game so i'm looking forward to the updates

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jeez sorry for the rough christmas season for you guys, hope 2023 is off to a good start all things considered.

Unfortunate but understandable the new small enemies wont get animations BUT would be nice for them to get the "game over" lewd scenes if they knock you out. that would go along way :)

Regardless looking forward to whats to come in the future.

wooooooooo~ look forward to it

oh wow this is actually delightful! looking forward to more, sad there was no enemy specific lose/submit scene that i could find anyway. but it is still very early and from what i can tell will be great with each update :)

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Ah just caught up i think? And thats what im writting this comment for aside to say the game is great and im looking forward to more!

Probably something that will change later or maybe an error but several quest have had a hint say, "complete forge event" but that quest isn't in the menu and doesnt appear in the quests tab even after "starting it". I assumed where to go and was right (and that may be the intended way). But is it possable when quests like that become available on the quest screen have them greyed out, no hints where to go but just a thing to say maybe you should look around just so we can know if we are missing content. (I know the event tracker is there but lets say it a tad inconvenient, granted it may be best for the shear volume of quests and would clog up the quest menu. so maybe ignore this one if thats the case)

The other thing i would like to see and very likely in the works is an expanded gallery that included all the scenes (maybe broken into main and side scenes).  For example  cleos quicky doesnt show in gallery and only occur at certain times and places. Not saying to give hints like the quest thing but some acknowledgment that they are there, so to potentially see everything i'm not inclined to got to every area, everyday, everytime to be sure im not missing anything while looking for a scene that may not exist haha.

A name for the scenes in the gallery would be sweet as a nod as to where it may be but not necessary.

Again great game keep up the good work, only posting this to encourage you future efforts so forgive if these are things you are already working on. :)

hey this is great! looking forward to more as time goes on. very glad i stumbled across this one!