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I had a blast with it! 199 deaths, 553.32 in total. I would love to see this idea expanded. And gamepad support! :)

Loved the graphics (did you created them yourself?), and enjoyed the idea! Are you planning on expanding it?

It was cooler than expected! Nice graphics and music, and the tank movement feel good.

Good concept, I can definitely see this idea expanding more!

Nice concept! How did you got the "roaming" effect of the sheeps?

Nice one! Quite tense and solid gameplay :) Really liked it.

I had to play it until the end, because it was so funny! Really well balanced (amount of bosses, their speed, the gold retrieved, etc). Good job!

I really liked this concept. Maybe the ghosts are too fast, or maybe I just suck. But anyway it's well executed and it's funny.

I subscribe GosuKitta's comment. It's a very interesting concept, it's just that it looks messy. And I don't know if it's just me, but I can't survive for too long, it's too hard. But it's a great entry for a 12h jam in my opinion.

Graphics, animations and music are nice. I liked the idea of building for defense but if the walls are breakable and the slimes keep spawning I don't see the point. Maybe it could have sense if there was a timer, and the challenge is to stay alive for 2 minutes, for example. Also, I'd recommend to explain the controls in the game window. Anyway, I still think it was quite nice. I'm sad I couldn't participate this time in the jam, good job!

That was,,, nice. Cool. Great. I don't know :)

Thanks for your kind feedback @RttStudio and @InkedSplat! :)

Nice one! I liked this frantic bullet hell. The customizer sometimes doesn't work well when I click on the arrows though. Funny thing is, the first time I saw the hearth, I thought it was going to refill my life bar - nice trick :)! Funny enemies also. Good job!

Nice one! I liked the way it plays. I had some troubles with ships "disappearing" and the first time I played, the "Start" button didn't worked. But, besides of that, very well done, nice game.

Same as Jasper, I like the graphics and the animation, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

Awesome entry! Great idea, nice graphics, cool sounds, and fun to play. I agree that the texture for the sea it's hard to look at. And the guardian is so hard, I can't beat it. But still a great game.

It was strange to me that when I learnt to spring, I wasn't supposed to jump far right. Aside from that, nice art and funny intro/concept :)

That was a really nice entry. Art looks great and has a nice gameplay. The movement feels a bit unresponsive, but that's my only con. Good job! :)

First time I played, there were only 3 enemies. I restarted the game and then started appearing more, as expected. Also, when the bullet speed was too high, most of the bullets passed through the enemies without hurting them. Apart of that, I liked the idea of spending points on rolling stats.

@Jasper thanks!

@mirobane wooho, didn't know this game, looks really cool, maybe I'd give it a shot. Thanks!

Wow, that was so fast, I was quite dizzy by the end, the speed made hard to know where you were going to land. Anyway, that was quite fun. And the art is nice.

(My score was 1733)

I liked the idea, to the point I would like to have more bosses to see different ways of beating them. Also, I kinda like the art :) Good job!

Thanks! :)

Nice game, addictive mechanic :)